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Antonio Fuertes (1940-1988)

Antonio Fuertes, born in Madrid, is a self-taught painter. He worked in a shop advertising, engaged on the facades of cinemas and theaters in Madrid. In his works often present with Oriental theme Arabic.
He paints men and women in Moroccan landscapes or the Alhambra in Granada in the background.
His first exhibition was held in Toledo in 1982 and a year later participated in the same city, in a thematic exhibition at the Museum Sephardic Jewish.

From that year the paint is exposed Strong permanently in a London art gallery.
These exposures allowed out beyond our borders, working for the Saudi royal family and making portraits of their monarchs.
Since 1985 and through the Princess of Oman, Antonio Fuertes becomes the painter of the royal family of the Sultanate of Oman.


1987 - Winner First Permio Foreign Painting XXIV International Competition "Grolla d'oro" Treviso, (Italy);
1992 - Winner Prize "Friends of Madrid Foundation" XXIX Contest san Isidro 92, Madrid.
1995, 1997, 1999 - Guest of Honor (with selected work), International Art Biennale Malta, Italia, France, London, New York, New Jersey.
On October 19, 1989, María Teresa García Pardo received her doctorate in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid, with a doctoral thesis on "The life and work of Antonio Fuertes". This thesis was published in 1999.
1999 - Invested Knight of the "Royal Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta", 12 September, Malta.

Antonio Fuertes, nato a Madrid, è un pittore autodidatta. Ha lavorato in un negozio pubblicitario, impegnato sulle facciate dei cinema e dei teatri di Madrid. Nelle sue opere spesso presentano il tema arabo orientale.


1987 Vincitore Primo Premio XXIV Esteri Concorso Internazionale di Pittura "Grolla d'oro" Treviso (Italia).
1992 Vincitore del premio "Fundación Amigos de Madrid".
1995, 1997 e 1999 - Ospite d'onore nella Biennale di Malta, Italia, Francia, Londra, New York, New Jersey.
Nel 1999 è stato nominato cavaliere "Real Ordine di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme, Cavalieri di Malta".