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Bryce Liston, 1965 | Plein air / Figurative painter

Liston’s artistic inspiration comes largely from the late-19th century; he lists John William Waterhouse, John Singer Sargent🎨, Joaquin Sorolla🎨, Anders Zorn and William Bouguereau🎨 among his strongest influences.
As an artist my career is dedicated to the integrity and quality of representational fine art”, says Liston. “My goal is to regain the traditions of the past along with the standards of craftsmanship and training. By studying the great artists of the past, we artists of today can once again regain a full command of proficiency to create great works of art… art about life”.

Bryce Cameron Liston was born in American Fork, Utah. His art education started at a young age when he would go out with his mother while she painted the Utah landscape.
He later went on to attend the University of Utah and Weber State; however the majority of his learning occurred in the studio and foundry of sculptor Edward J. Fraughton. Bryce’s work is shown in galleries around the country and he participates in many national and international exhibitions each year.

Bryce’s artwork has won numerous prestigious awards🎨, including The Tuffy Berg Award🎨, The Honorary Chairman’s Award🎨 and the Southwest Art Award🎨 of Excellence at the 2010 CM Russell Auction in Great Falls, MT.
His art has been published in many magazines as well as on book covers. He currently resides in Holladay, Utah, with his wife and three daughters.

He is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America and was awarded🎨 Best in Show at the 2008 OPA Western Regional Exhibition.
He was also named one of the Top Ten Artists to Watch by Southwest Art Magazine in January, 2009. His art has been published in many magazines as well as on book covers.

Bryce Cameron Liston è nato nel 1965 in una piccola città dello Utah, USA. Il suo desiderio di diventare un artista comparve sin da piccolo quando usciva con sua madre e la osservava dipingere il paesaggio dello Utah.
Ha frequentato l'Università ma solo per un breve periodo, abbandonando gli studi senza laurearsi:
"Ho voluto conoscere il mestiere dell'arte. Volevo imparare a produrre arte, non solo parlarne".
Così Bryce si ritrova a lavorare nello studio e fonderia del maestro scultore Edward J. Fraughton. Il tempo trascorso qui gli fornisce una conoscenza completa dell'anatomia umana che lo aiuterà molto nella sua arte.
Bryce Cameron Liston ha una formazione artistica sostanzialmente da autodidatta e questo gli ha permesso di esprimersi con uno stile molto personale ed originale.
Attualmente vive a Holladay (Utah) con la moglie e tre figlie.