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Joanna Zjawinska, 1950 | Figurative painter

Joanna Zjawinska began to paint at the early age of six. She earned her B.A. degree in 1972 from the School of Architecture in Warsaw.
To follow her own dream of being an artist, Joanna then studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts where she perfected her unique style of oil and watercolor painting.
In 1978 she was awarded a masters degree in Graphic Design with honors in painting from the academy which is one of the most prestigious school in Europe.

In 1979 Joanna came to San Francisco with her husband, Mark and daughter, Sonia, and formally launched her career. Joanna’s paintings transport us to worlds of fantasy and elegance in images that explore complex, passionate relationships.
Inspired by artists such as Vermeer, Degas and Sargent, Joanna expresses her passion for life, her family, her homeland and her adopted home. Her world is feminine and seductive.

Joanna Zjawinska | Polish Fantasy painter

Joanna Zjawinska è nata in Polonia, dove ha iniziato a dipingere all'età di sei anni.
Nel 1979 si trasferisce in America e lì comincia la sua carriera. I suoi dipinti ci trasportano in mondi di fantasia ed eleganza.
Il suo mondo è femminile e seducente. Influenzata dal cinema, dalla moda e dalla musica, Zjawinska si sforza di creare bellezza nei visi e nella forma, ma anche nel paesaggio o nell'ambiente in cui ritrae le sue figure.