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RetroAtelier | Ritorno al fascino che fù

Retro Atelier is a Ukraine-based collective that creates stunning conceptual photography inspired by days gone by. Its collection features a wide array of series from Art Nouveau-inspired images to unique styles reminiscent of early Art Deco, Pin-Up and glamor photography.

Of the company’s work, Retro Atelier says, “the styles of bygone days, vintage photographs, painting, cinematography and our love for these kinds of art made the work, we moved from dreams to actions”.
Retro Atelier has captured the dream perfectly. Creating vintage-inspired photographs that don’t cross the line into kitsch is not an easy task. But at Retro Atelier, each photograph is precise to the period and genre it is recreating. From the intricate styling, lighting and poses to the choice of perfect models for each time period, these photographs could easily be mistaken for authentic vintage visions. Creativity of the photographic institution, Retroatelier, is inspired by the aesthetics of the past. The styles of bygone days, vintage photographs, painting, cinematography.

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  1. A number of these photos are stunning. The 21st counting down is jaw dropping. Life is just a little better knowing this creature exists.


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