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Vala Ola, 1962 | Figurative sculptor

Vala Ola was born and raised in Iceland in 1962. She has lived in the US since 1994. After 8 years in Santa Fe, NM, she relocated to Arizona. Vala Ola's artistic talent was apparent at age 4, and from the age of thirteen she attended classes drawing models from life. Graduating from the College of Hamrahlid, she furthered her studies at the Icelandic College of the Arts, and later graduated from The Arts Institute in Bournemouth, England.

Professional member of the National Sculpture Society, Vala is an artist who passionately and relentlessly seeks to create artworks that show her dedication to excellence.
Her classical training in Europe is reflected in her art. Her figurative bronze sculptures and oil paintings are noted for their depth of expression and emotion.
The high quality of her art has earned her great respect among art appreciators. 2001 Vala rekindled her interest in sculpting with clay after solely painting with oil for seven years.
Her inspiration derives from her observation of life.
Even the most mundane circumstance we find ourselves in daily will spark an idea. She sculpts and paints in her studio in Cave Creek AZ, north side of Scottsdale. All her sculptures are cast in bronze.
Vala's work has been exhibited in Reykjavik, London, New York, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Palm Desert, Santa Barbara, Carmel, Dallas, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Park City, Loveland, Nantucket.

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