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Elena Petrova, 1971

Elena Petrova was born in Novoaltaysk city, Altay district, Russia. In 1990 Elena graduated from Novoaltaysk Art College. Member of Professional and Creative Russian Artists Community.
The artist lives and works in Kosterovo city, Vladimir oblast, Russia.
Elena’s artworks can be found in private collections in Russia, USA, England, France, Germany, etc.

1995 - Young Artists of Siberia, International Slavic Center.
1996 - Inspiration, Centre of Shatalin reforms,  Moscow city.  Happy YES, Moon Theatre of S. Prokhanov, Moscow city.
1998-2001 - Participant of auctions in John Nicholson’s Exhibition Centre.
2000- Elena Petrova, Mikhail Petrov, Patriarch Coaching Inn, Moscow city.
2003 - Participant of art exhibition in Grot Gallery, Copenhagen.
2007 - Group exhibition, Vladimir city, Russia.
2007-08 – Group exhibition, Petushki city, Russia.
2010 - Art Today, group exhibition, Moscow City Business Centre, Moscow.
2011 - Five Artists, group exhibition, Vladimir city, Russia.