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Michael Cheval, 1966 | Playhouse of Quintessence

Michael Cheval | Gina Lollobrigida's portrait

Playhouse of Quintessence” series of paintings embodies Michael Cheval’s philosophical reflections and his attempt to express a certain phenomena via limited means.
At the core of this idea lies the principle of theatrical pantomime where the language of gestures is most important. The task was further complicated b...y the artist’s restriction to use only the face (or the mask) and the hands.

Michael Cheval | New Rules of the New Game

Each work expresses simple and clear notions that could be conveyed in one word. However, translated into the language of art, they acquire incredible wealth of undertones and meanings.
Colors, gestures, suppleness of lines, cold and warm tones, light and shadow - this is the language of art that relates it to music.
This is the universal language, language of the World!

The artist began conducting his first experiments over ten years ago.
But only now they solidified into a clearly defined concept and a philosophical base that made it possible to unify these paintings into the single “Playhouse of Quintessence” series. The number of works that make up this collection will grow with time.

Royal Tango
Fleeting Echo Of the Golden Age
Dodocycle II
Total Zugzwang