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Paul Laurenzi, 1964 | Abstract Figurative painter

Paul Laurenzi was born in Antibes, France. It was after various small interventions in the world of advertising and children's book that Paul Laurenzi, joined an association of painting based in the South of France.
This allows him to participate in various local exhibitions and sympathize with its president, professional artist.
The latter encourages him to present its works in a gallery from Marseille, which so agrees to expose his works of art. His first "official" exhibition, beside Bernard Buffet's works takes place then, in 1987.
The success is there, and marks definitively its entrance to the universe of galleries as professional painter.

The approach of the female model of artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Manet, Klimt and Balthus inspires strongly and plays with transparent fabrics, hinting the feminine curves.
He admires the work of sculptors such as Rodin, Camille Claudel and Carpeaux and never get tired of these curves of white marble.
It is also inspired by the Greco-Roman mythology.

Then, the fantastic universe of the movie "The Beautiful and the Animal" of Cocteau, asserts in him, this idea to confront the Beautiful with the Animal.