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Sara Abid | Impressionist painter

Pakistani painter Sara Abid is a self-taught artist and has interned with Ufaq Ehsan - Artist and former NCA teacher and Zil-e-huma - former PTV art and set designer/director.
- I am a self-taught artist from Lahore, Pakistan, specializing in the impressionist style of art. For me a painting is not just blobs of paint on your canvas; it’s your mind, soul, energy, personality and mood. When a single painting is completed, you look at it and smile; the more you look at it, the wider the smile gets. Sometimes you just don’t want to give your work away, feeling a connection with it like that’s your child and only YOU have the right over it! But I want to share this happiness with the world. I want every painting of mine to cheer you up.

In my journey, sometimes I feel someone is holding my brush, guiding me, teaching me- Allah/God! It has been a miraculous experience. The advantage of being taught by the best Teacher/Institute made me look at this world with an uninfluenced eye. Only the lively, vibrant entities in this world mesmerize me, leaving behind all the dull, sad, monotonous realities of life-I have made a world of my own on a canvas.

My works are inspired by great artists like Gulgee, Vincent Van Gogh & Gustav Klimt. My most popular series is the ‘Reflections Series’ which includes rain/water reflections. As you can see umbrellas and rain are one of the dominant feature in almost all my artworks. An umbrella for me symbolizes a sense of shelter, protection and security for an individual. The vibrant colors used in the background of rain reflections reflect the different phases and experiences of life They could make you forget the real world, and help you live in a blurred framework of life.
I love how bold colors can bring life to a plain canvas, their use in all my paintings, projects positivity. My works are a reminder of how positive energy can bring joy to the challenging experiences we meet every day. While people walking alone in my art pieces reflect the other part of one’s personality, where you want to isolate yourself from the world and choose to be aloof with only those who you want and love the most. I want everyone to enjoy the colors, smell the rain and feel the textures in my work. I believe life is not simple; you will have to walk alone on several roads. The bold colors and strokes I use reflect the strength and confidence one needs to face it all.

Painting is my solace. I’m safe and complete. But, looking outside, there are millions of people in need and are neglected by individuals like us. All I've taken is a very small step by donating my earnings 100% towards helping the needy; trying my best to cater as many departments as I can.