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Igor Belkovsky / Игорь Белковский, 1962

Igor Belkovsky [Игорь Белковский] works in the classical realist style and fluent in technology multilayered paintings by old masters.
His paintings are meticulous execution, beautiful harmonies and attention to detail. When working on a portrait of the artist the most attention has focused face of the portrait and the transfer of its internal state.

Russian painter Belkovsky was born in Chelyabinsk city in the family of Vladimir Belkovsky, a famous photo artist. In 1981 he graduated Chelyabinsk Higher School of Arts and after that he taught at an art school for three years. In 1985 Igor entered Moscow Surikov State Institute of Arts where he studied by Professor V. N. Zabelin.
After successful graduation of the Institute in 1991 the painter during three years collaborated with ARKA Moscow picture-gallery which helped the young painter to get ahead and devote himself to creative work.

In 1996 in the Central Painter House the first personal art exhibition of Igor Belkovsky successfully took place, in 1997 the second one where the paintings devoted mainly to family subjects were presented.

The Art Exhibition “Russian Stars” was presented in the Central Painter House in 2001 and in 2002 in Russian Federation Gosudarstvennaya Duma building and caused a great interest of the press and visitors. After these exhibitions “Persons” prestigious journal numbered the painter among Russian idols 2002.
At present I. Belkovsky with the support of Moscow Government works at the picturesque Project “Muscovites – the Pride of Russia”, the great attention in which is devoted to making portraits of outstanding theatre and cinema actors and producers of the older generation.
Igor Belkovsky paintings are in art galleries and private collections of 17 countries of the world – the USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy etc. And in I. Kobson and V. Vinokur private collections there are portraits of all members of their families made by Igor Belkovsky.