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Antoine de Villiers, 1977 ~ South African painter

South African painter Antoine de Villiers hails from a small town in the dry, northern part of South Africa called Potchefstroom. Here she developed her natural artistic skills from the day she discovered that crayons could draw on walls and years later she subsequently studied graphics and web design at Potchefstroom University. In 1996 she devoted herself full-time to painting and ran a studio in Stellenbosch.

Here her career got underway exhibiting in the Western Cape area. Soon her works traveled throughout South Africa. During the following years, she was actively involved in several solo as well as joint art exhibitions countrywide.
The end of 2000 saw Antoine traveling to the British Isles where her oil paintings gained international recognition in galleries around Sussex. Soon she was invited to take part in joint exhibitions in London, and solo in Notting Hill. In early 2003, Antoine relocated to the United States and since then her work has been displayed in five local exhibitions as well as three exhibitions in the United Kingdom and one in Poland. She is also currently exploring several new mediums such as marble, steel and cement.

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