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Steve Henderson, 1957 | Realism / Impressionist painter

Steve Henderson is an artist from Washington focusing on landscapes, seascapes and figurative work in a style that fuses impressionism with realism.
A lifetime fine artist, Steve Henderson pursued a successful career in illustration before turning to fine art fulltime. His paintings are sold and displayed nationwide through exhibitions, shows, and galleries.
About his art, Steve says: "I look for, and paint, beauty, as a counteracting effect of our media-saturated fascination with ugliness. Yes, the world is a brutal place, but it is also our home. There is peace, serenity, quietude, thoughtfulness, majesty, grace, joy, and hope in this home of ours -and that is what I paint".

Contemporary realist Jack Beal landed upon Steve's website and wrote Steve, “I have just become aware of your work, and I am fascinated. The humanism and colors of your pictures are wonderful”. His thoughts mirror that of collectors, viewers, and gallery owners, many of whom comment on Steve's free, yet controlled, use of color and brushtroke movement.

The Artist Says:
'It's amazing how a landscape or coastal scene deepens when a human being is part of it. Whether the figure is the focal point, as in Queen Anne's Lace, or more subtly incorporated, as in Wild Child, that human element draws us in and closer to the entire painting.
I concentrate on the innocence, yet sophistication, of the 21st century woman. There is this misconception that innocence and naivete are interchangeable, and unless a model is bored, sullen, and provocative, then she does not possess wisdom, intellect, or attraction. This is fallacy indeed.
In works such as Promenade, Lady of the Lake, Enchanted, Cadence, and others, I see, interpret, find, and paint the inner beauty that shines forth from truly stunning, yet gracious, young women. They are confident yet kind, bold yet humble, innocent yet wise