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Juan Gonzalez Alacreu, 1937 | Impressionist painter

Spanish painter Juan González Alacreu was born in Burriana, Castellón, in 1937. At eight years he took classes in Arts and Crafts and at 16 he won a scholarship to the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos de Valencia. He worked for years in the illustration for various publishers until he decided to devote himself to painting.

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Andrea Kowch, 1986 ~ Symbolist painter

Andrea Kowch has been described as “a powerful voice emerging, demonstrating a highly sensitive consciousness that informs a culturally-laced Symbolism
Born in Michigan, she attended Detroit’s College for Creative Studies through a Walter B. Ford II Scholarship, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2009 with a BFA degree in illustration. Her paintings, book illustrations, and works on paper are rich in mood, allegory, and precision of medium, reflecting a wealth of influences from Northern Renaissance and American art to the rural landscapes and vernacular architecture of her native Michigan.
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Christopher Cart ~ Figurative painter

Christopher Cart is a painter and print maker focusing mostly on figurative work. A native Mainer his work is also flavored by years in Guadalajara, Mexico and Seattle, Washington.
Cart is currently working on a 14 foot mural to commemorate historic Hallowell of the 1890′s. And also for his home town of Hallowell, in 2012 he completed a commissioned portrait of Allen Strickland, a major donor to the Hubbard Free Library restoration fund.

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British Artists | Sitemap

List of British Artists and artistic movements definition

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William Henry Margetson | Victorian-era painter

William Henry Margetson (1860-1940) is a British painter noted for his pictures of very beautiful girls, typically alone and large on the canvas, and typically with short hair and hats when they are modern subjects.
He studied at the South Kensington Schools, and then at the Royal Academy, exhibiting there from 1885.
He lived at Wallingford on Thames. As well as modern girls and portraits, Margetson also produced a few religious pictures, and some allegorical and classical/ancient ones–for example a Cleopatra, fetchingly attired, with attendants in an Alma-Tadema setting, 1890.

The Sea Hath its Pearls

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En Plein Air painting style

Renoir - Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil, 1873
En Plein Air painting, in its strictest sense, the practice of painting landscape pictures out-of-doors; more loosely, the achievement of an intense impression of the open air (French: plein air) in a landscape painting.
Until the time of the painters of the Barbizon school in mid-19th-century France, it was normal practice to execute rough sketches of landscape subjects in the open air and produce finished paintings in the studio. Part of this was a matter of convenience. Before the invention of the collapsible tin paint tube, widely marketed by the colour merchants Winsor Newton in 1841, painters purchased their colours in the form of ground pigment and mixed them fresh with an appropriate medium such as oil.

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Agnes Slott-Moller ~ Symbolist painter

Agnes Slott-Møller, born Rambusch (10 June, 1862, in Nyboder - June 11, 1937 in Løgismose) was the daughter of the later commander in the Navy Jacob Heinrich Victor Rambusch (1825-1886) and his wife Constantine Juliane born Hansen (1834-1891). She was a Danish painter and sculptor who was influenced by Italian art before the Renaissance, British Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts Movement in his image and style.
Agnes Slott-Møller grew up in a home where she soon became aligned with the interest of Denmark and Danish culture that came to dominate her life and art.
She read books on Danish history, and Adam Fabricius: "Illustrated History of Denmark", which is characterized by Lorenz Frølich drawings, became important for her, as she followed the road marked by the said Frølich and Niels Skovgaard, or even Christian Zahrtmann.

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Harald Slott Moller ~ Symbolist painter

Born in Copenhagen, Danish painter Slott Georg Harald Møller (17 August 1864 - 20 October 1937) was the son of merchant Carl Emil Møller and Anna Maria née Møller. After completing the preparatory course at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1883), he painted for three years under Peder Severin Krøyer.
Slott-Møller first exhibited in 1886 at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition and attracted attention in 1888 with his large lively work Fattigfolk i Fattiglægens Venteværelse  | Poor People in the Poor Doctor's Waiting Room. He exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Den Frie Udstilling with individual portraits, such as that of Georg Brandes (Georg Brandes at the University in Copenhagen, 1889) and landscapes, which often featured a prominent spot.

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Benvenuto Benvenuti ~ Italian Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism style

Benvenuto Benvenuti (Livorno, October 5, 1881 - Livorno, 1959) was an Italian painter, mainly of landscapes. He first trained under Lorenzo Cecchi at the School of Arts and Crafts of Livorno. He was influenced by the Macchiaioli landscape painter, Adolfo Tommasi, who became his close friend. Benvenuto began exhibiting as a 15 year old in 1896. During the next decade, he was able to meet or be influenced by Lloyd, Fattori and Signorini. In 1900 he begins to experiment with Divisionism, influenced by Vittore Grubicy, with whom he became close friends.

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Plinio Nomellini ~ Italian Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism

Plinio Nomellini (Livorno, 1866 - Florence, 1943) was an Italian painter. Nomellini left his hometown of Livorno and enrolled in 1885 at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied under Giovanni Fattori and formed friendships with Telemaco Signorini and Silvestro Lega as well as Giuseppe Pellizza some time later. He took part in the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889 and moved to Genoa, where he adopted Divisionism, the following year. He exhibited a piece inspired by the Genoese workers’ strikes at the 1st Brera Triennale in 1891 and was arrested on charges of anarchism in 1894.
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Matthijs Roling, 1943 ~ Figurative painter

Dutch painter and teacher Matthijs Röling (Oostkapelle, 1943) received the prize for his entire painted oeuvre. The jury was particularly impressed by the fact that his teaching at the Academie Minerva in Groningen has been no less inspirational to large numbers of younger artists than his painting. In 1983 Matthijs Röling began working on large-scale decorative projects, such as monumental canvases and wall and ceiling paintings. In recent years these projects have come to occupy an increasingly important place within Röling's highly diverse oeuvre. His manner has been compared to that of the Old Masters, and the illusionistic scenes he paints on walls and ceilings are reminiscent of frescoes. Notwithstanding these parallels with the past, Röling's work is distinguished by his independence, integrity and craftsmanship.

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Dyalma Stultus ~ Genre/Figurative painter

Dyalma Augusto Federico Stultus (Trieste, 31 October 1901 - Darfo, 24 September 1977) was an Italian painter. Son of Erminia Stultus and Ralph Pacor he enrolled at Academy of Fine Arts in Venice thanks to a grant obtained from the Municipality of Trieste. In 1922 he organized his first solo exhibition at Ca 'Pesaro. He then went to Trieste and then to Florence in the spring of 1927-1928, and Rome. In 1930, in 1932 and in 1934 he exhibited at the Venice Biennale as well as in group exhibitions in New York, Budapest, Baltimore and Barcelona. Since 1941 he moved permanently to Florence, where he teaches at various institutions. He died in 1977 in Darfo.
Stultus was a painter, sculptor and designer. He was devoted several books including "Dyalma Stultus in the memories of his wife and friends", published in 2003 by author Marina Petronio, the German translation of a biography written by a friend of Stultus, Hans Gregor Gregory.
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Moses Levy ~ Post-Macchiaioli painter

Moses Levy [Tunisi, 1885 - Viareggio, 1968] was born in Tunis of a British father and an Italian mother. His son is the Tunisian-based painter Nello Levy. Moses trained in Italy - in Lucca, Florence and the studio of Giovanni Fattori - and was subsequently active in Viageggio. He spent almost the whole of his life in Tunisia, but continued to travel frequently between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean. He was a member of the Group of Four in Tunis in 1936, and the Group of Ten in 1947. He was a member of the Tunis School from 1950, but eventually settled in Viareggio where he died.

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Francisco Ribera Gomez ~ Romantic Figurative painter

Spanish painter Francisco Ribera Gomez [1907-1990] began in the workshop of his father, Jose Ribera Blázquez, who was influenced by romantic and Madrazo, Rosales or Esquivel, having studied at the Academy of San Fernando with teachers from the likes of Moreno Carbonero, Julio Romero de Torres and Matthew Inurria.
He completed his training after two years of scholarships Paular and El Granada. His first participation in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid has won awards in 1928 and 1930. In the decade of the 30 posters he produced his brilliant, with whom he won the poster contest Masked Ball Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid in 1931, and chosen to illustrate the International Exposition in Barcelona, 1933. That same year, he moved to Barcelona as artistic director of the company Walter Thompson advertising.

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John White Alexander ~ Symbolist painter

John White Alexander [1856-1915] was born in 1856 in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. He was orphaned at age five and taken in by relatives of limited means. When Alexander left school and began working at a telegraph company, the company's vice-president, former civil war Colonel Edward Jay Allen, took an interest in his welfare. Allen became his legal guardian, brought him into the Allen household, and saw that he finished Pittsburgh High School. At eighteen, he moved to New York City and was hired by Harper and Brothers as an office boy in the art department. He was soon promoted to apprentice illustrator under staff artists such as Edwin A. Abbey and Charles Reinhart. During his time at Harpers, Alexander was sent out on assignment to illustrate events such as the Philadelphia Centennial celebration in 1876 and the Pittsburgh Railroad Strike in 1877, which erupted in violence.

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Carolina Serpa Marques, 1966 ~ Figurative painter

Carolina Marques Serpa was born in Porto in 1966.
In 1989 she finished her Degree in Law at the Catholic University of Porto and since 1991 teaches at the University of Porto Lusiada.
Devotes himself to painting as an autodidact, running custom portraits.
In 2010 is selected as a finalist for the Prix Carmen Miranda.

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Charles-Amable Lenoir | Academic painter

French painter Charles Amable Lenoir (1860-1926) was born October 22, 1860 in Châtellaillon, a small district located near La Rochelle.
His family was of moderate means and knowing that his parents would not support art as a career, Lenoir became a maître d'études (study master), and then a teacher at a secondary school, the Lycée in Rochefort.
He began his artistic studies at Rochefort-su-Mer when he visited at age 20.

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Herman Hesse / Daniel Gerhartz ~ Eleanor..

Le sere d'autunno mi ricordano te
I boschi giacciono bui, il giorno si scolora
ai bordi dei colli in rosse aureole.
In un casolare vicino piange un bimbo.
Il vento se ne va a passi tardi
attraverso i tronchi a raccogliere le ultime foglie.
Poi sale, abituata ormai da lungo ai torbidi sguardi,
l'estranea solitaria falce di luna
con la sua mezza luce da terre sconosciute.
Se ne va fredda, indifferente, per il suo sentiero.
La sua luce avvolge il bosco, il canneto, lo stagno e il sentiero
con pallido alone melanconico.
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