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Laila Bell | Figurative sculptor

Laila Bell is a Danish born artist working and teaching in Byron Bay Australia.
Laila was born north of Copenhagen, Denmark.
From an early age she knew the path in her life would be too express herself in some form of art.
This desire brought her to study full time for 5 years at Copenhagen Art School, examining many different mediums and learning the classical way of drawing and studying the figure.

A few years at various art colleges in the USA completed her formal schooling in the arts. As she has continued expanding her expression through various mediums, she acknowledged that being an artist is an ever evolving wondrous journey that never ends. 
In 1985, a new phase started with immigrating to Australia. Lailas life expanded to include 3 beautiful daughters and a busy time with numerous exhibitions mainly showing paintings and drawings.
Sculpting had always been a fascination for Laila, but no access to a foundry had made it difficult. In the year 2000, Laila began to sculpt. Sculpting and drawing are very closely linked and it was a joy to combine years of honing her drawing skills to expand into the new media, clay.

Laila is also an illustrator and works part time for a Danish publisher. She also teaches sculpture and life drawing in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
She continues the journey with passion and commitment. Lailas pieces are held in many private collections around the world.
Lailas sculptures start their journey in white paper clay. Once the clay is dry a mould is made and they are cast as cold cast bronzes.