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Nikita Manokhin, 1989 | Palette knife painter

Nikita Manokhin Anatolyevich was born in Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine, in the artists` family. In 2005 graduated from the Mariupol City Lyceum, language faculty, English speciality. In 2011 graduated from the Architectural faculty of Donbass National Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
'I was born in a small town of Mariupol in Ukraine, in the artists' family. I must admit, I didn't have any affection to arts or painting during my first years. Painting was quite a difficult discipline for me at school, I didn't attend any professional painting classes then. Foreign languages were much more interesting for me, so eventually in 2005 I finished Mariupol City Lyceum, English language faculty.
As for my capabilities, they had first shown up when I was 16, I started with pencil portraits made by photos. Then my mother noticed it and proposed me to study architecture. Having prepared myself for the exams, I entered Donbass National Academy Of Architecture And Civil Engineering and in 2011 graduated from there as a Specialist of Architecture. However, I didn't have much passion and love towards architecture. I was lucky to meet my mentor, a well-known and established Donetsk artist, at the Academy. He had taught me many things and directed me onto the road I'm walking today'.

So, now I continue studying and self-improvement. I am interested in new knowledge and skills and take part in different art events and exhibitions. My artworks are being exhibited and sold in Mariupol and Kyiv. Several works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, As for figures, I've made over 120 artworks since 2009. I have a goal of devoting myself to my favorite field of activity that is painting and making myself an established professional artist.
In my art I prefer the style of impressionism, oil, palette knife, hardboard and canvas, alla prima technique. The subject of my art is most commonly landscape, I like street views, Italian views, Venice, Genoa etc. However, I also create still-life and portraits, some works of mine are made with acrylic colors, charcoal, sanguine and pencil. My favorite painters of the past years are Claude Monet, William Turner and Nicolai Fechin. As for modern artists, I enjoy works of Françoise Nielly, Jonas Gerard, Nikolai Blokhin.

In the field of art, took part in the following events: 
- The regional art Plein Air of the 7th youth forum "Youth without borders" (September, 2008); 
- Ukrainian national youth exhibition "The vernissage of Hope" (May, 2009); 
- The Christmas exhibition of professional artists in Mariupol (December, 2009 - January, 2010);
- The exhibition devoted to the Victory Day in Mariupol (May, 2011);
- The Autumn Vernissage in Mariupol (September - October, 2011);
- The Christmas exhibition in Mariupol (January, 2012);
- In 2010 I have entered the Youth department of the Donetsk regional organization of Ukrainian National Artist Union;
- In 2011 I have taken the 1st place in the young artists` contest named “Colors of Ore, Coal ant Metal”.

In my art I prefer the style of impressionism, oil, palette knife, hardboard.
My capabilities had first showed up when I was 16, started with portraits. My following becoming as an artist has been possible thanks to teaching and support from well-known Donetsk artist Anatoliy Fedorovich Dereza. Today I continue studying and self-improvement; I take part in different art events and exhibitions. I have a goal of devoting myself to my favorite field of activity and making myself an established professional artist.

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