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Lubov Zubova, 1979 | Surrealist painter

The name of Russian artist Zubova Lyubov Aleksandrovna / Зубова Любов Александровна in art appeared at once and took its rightful place among the vast diversity of all kinds of artistic talents, whose works appear and produce a great impression in the Art halls of Moscow.
Among the numerous and collective exhibitions, in which Lubov Zubova participated, especially also participated in the International festival of arts "Traditions and contemporaneity" in the Bolshoi Manege 2009, and in the fifth – of the same name festival 2011. The fruits of it are in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad – in Holland, France. Made artistic level allowed her to become a member of the Creative Union of professional artists.

At the beginning of creative way L. Zubova represented often the ancient vessels – pitchers, amphorae – in them she saw a symbol of the birth of Life. And at first, they came in her mind as images... They contained, and in the form, and in the mystery of their origin something alive, then what was ripened in them, to show to the world...Crashed, "opened up" clay sides… Pitchers fell apart, and the new spaces, filled with mystery in their primordial images appeared out of them in the sunshine ...
"Works are not invented, not even dream of, they come in broad daylight – as visions, suddenly arise in the mind, each as a solid plan, as the essence, as the main point and then enter the consciousness of the vision, come and begin to manifest themselves in living colors – it is visualization..." – says Lubov.