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Hugo Charlemont | Impressionist / genre painter

Hugo Charlemont (March 18, 1850 - April 18, 1939) was an Austrian painter, born in Jemnice, Moravia.
He was the son of the miniature painter Matthias Adolf Charlemont and the brother of the painters Eduard Charlemont (1848-1906) and Theodor Charlemont (1859-1938).
Hugo's daughter Lilly Charlemont also was an artist.
From 1873 he studied art at the Academy in Vienna under Eduard von Lichtenfels.

Charlemont was a painter of landscapes, still lifes, Genre subjects, animals and portraits.
Among his contemporaries, Hugo Charlemont was considered a versatile talent.

He devoted himself to a wide variety of pictorial themes, such as landscape, still life, animal, genre or portrait painting.
In addition to oil paintings, he also created numerous watercolors and gouaches.

Most notable are his landscapes, which are in an impressionistic style.
However, Charlemont was not impressed by the innovations of modern art; he remained true to his style even in the 20th century.
He rests in an honorary grave in the Döblinger Friedhof in Vienna.