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Irina Rumyantseva, 1983 | Abstract Mixed media painter

Irina Rumyantseva was born in St Petersburg, Russia. She achieved the highest grade for her art studies at university and soon became a highly respected artist in Russia. At the age of 26 she came to England to further her career.
Since then she hasn't looked back, her name has become hugely popular in the UK and in many parts of the world. Her unique style of painting is highly sought after and to achieve so much in this short space of time, one can only imagine what the future brings for this talented artist.

UK based independent emerging artist living in Manchester since 2009. Creating a variety of affordable artwork from abstract art to figurative art, floral art to landscape, seascape, cityscape, animals and wildlife, and still life paintings mainly on canvas using an array of mixed media direct from the artists studio. "Each experience is an inspiration to create something unique".
Qualified professional artist with a masters equivalent in St Petersburg in both art and design. "My work has been very well received and I am so humble for all the support. Thank you".