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Georges Lapchine | Impressionist painter

Georgiy Alexandrovich Lapchine / Георгий Александрович Лапшин (1885-1950) was born in Moscow in 1885. In the early 1900s Georgiy Lapshin studied at the Stroganov School. In 1906-1909 he lived in Paris, studied with Cormon and J. F. Lhermitte.
Returning to Moscow, participated in the group exhibition of independence (1910), was the founder and permanent participant of "free art" (1911-1917).
In 1918-1922 works were exhibited in Moscow on the 1st and 2nd shows a picture of professional union painters in Moscow (1918), the 2nd National Exhibition of paintings (1919), the 47th exhibition TPHV (1922), as well as the 1st Russian art Exhibition in Berlin (1922). In 1924 he moved to Paris.

Wrote impressionistic landscapes, flowers and still lifes. Engaged in registration operas for Opera-Comique (1935), the Barcelona Opera and the Lithuanian State Theatre. Developed scenery for the Paris music hall Folies Bergere cabaret night and Sesame in Monte Carlo.
Exhibited in the salons: Independent (1925-1940), of the Society of French Artists (1929). Participated in the Great Exhibition of Russian Art in Belgrade (1930). Exhibited in Paris, Nice, Cannes, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin. Was a member of Russian charity evenings and a member of Turgenev's artistic community.

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