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Shaun Berke, 1983 | Symbolist /Portrait /Figurative painter

Shaun Berke is an artist living and working in Pasadena, California. In his classic, dramatic paintings he explores his knowledge of iconography in a modern way.

Shaun is:
  • American painter and instructor;
  • Pupil in the Bellini-Titian school by pedigree;
  • Apprenticeship, Odd Nerdrum, Stavern, Norway;
  • Apprenticeship, Richard Houston, Venice, Italy;
  • B.F.A., Art Center College of Design; A.A., Moorpark College; Member of the Getty Research Institute;
  • Awards from The Art Renewal Center, Westlake Village Art Guild, Thousand Oaks Art Association.

"I like to think of it as cave painting, after waking up for the Renaissance, and then being hit in the head by Modernity.
In general, I describe the work as traditional, figurative, allegorical painting.
More specifically, I would say it is Gothic piety and Sienese humanism in a Venetian light, only with more chaos.
The aesthetic of this show parallels the Kitsch school, as they are rooted in a love for classical antiquity and long dead friends" -Shaun Berke.

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