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Anna Wypych, 1986 | Figurative Symbolist painter

"I take Inspiration from what I see around me, but my personal thoughts are only the starting point and inspiration for the research on the man and his condition".

Anna Wypych’s works of art transcend the commonplace, to enter the realm of the otherworldly.
The starting point of her work and also the main theme, is always a man, but Anna Wypych goes beyond physicality, as if she wants more to capture the spirit, than the body.
She develops images that evoke moods, dreams, and feelings inspired by real life, and which create a remarkably compelling narrative.
The physical nudity and sincerity of her characters has emerged as a hallmark of her work.

She explores philosophical questions, for which we do not have time in our quick, busy everyday life.
She use her own language of symbols and gestures, to show seeking, to understand the place of the human in modern world.
The people in her paintings are not particular persons, but figures of concepts and ideas, she paints rather portraits of feelings.

Our gaze transcends the picture plane and permeates deep into the subject’s psyche.
She seeks essence of humanity.
She believes that letting ourselves explore our doubts, existential questions, seemingly meaningless thinking about cases, which are somewhere on the border of consciousness, is part of what gives us balance and sens.

Anna Wypych recived her MFA from Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk, Poland in 2011.
During her studies she received eight national awards from the Ministry of Culture, the Marshal of the Pomeranian and the Mayor of Gdansk.
Wypych won a Grand Prix in the national contest “Artistic Journey of Hestia” in 2010 and as a result she spent a month in New York City.

She was also awarded “Pomeranian Artistic Hope 2011″ Gdansk, Poland and Certificate of Exellence, Palm Art Award 2012, Germany.

Wypych’s painting is included to permament collection of The European Museum of Modern Art, MEAM, Barcelona Spain.

She presented her works at various juried exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including: "BP Portrait Award 2014", The National Portrait Gallery London, The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens Sunderland, The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Aberystwyth Arts Centre; "Modportrait 2014" Fundation Bantierra, Zaragroza, The European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain, and "Women Painting Women 2014" Principle Gallery Charleston, SC USA.

Recognized as the ARC Living Master the Art Renewal Center.
She has presented her work in galleries and museums in Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and the USA. Lives and works in Gdynia, Poland.