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Ed Sandoval | Romantic Impressionist /Expressionist painter

Ed Sandoval was born in Nambe, New Mexico, to a prominent Spanish family. Hespent the childhood with a foot in two worlds; on his family’s ranch in Nambe and in Los Alamos, where his father worked as an engineer. Benefiting from a great education both Academically and in the Arts, Ed graduated from Los Alamos High School, before earning his B.A in Fine Arts from Eastern New Mexico University.
He received a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Utah and after teaching Art there, for two years, he returned to Northern New Mexico where he headed up the Art Department at Los Alamos High School for almost a decade.

During the late 1970’s, Ed moved to Truchas, New Mexico with the intention of finding his unique “voice” as an artist, and as fate would have it, discovered that Robert Redford had chosen the small town along the High Road as the location for his acclaimed movie adaption of Taos resident, John Nichols’ book, The Milagro Beanfield War.
As a resident of Taos for the past two decades, Ed is one of the most collected painters in the region while remaining one of the most unassuming and approachable artists in town.
Ed is drawn to New Mexico’s past, typified by places such as Mora Valley, where old casitas are being reclaimed by the elements.

Their once-shiny tin roofs have darkened into a deep red wine color, contrasting boldly against a blue sky.

Ed adores the changing “symphony of color” he sees in the New Mexico sky and landscape.
"What I paint is a feeling of impressionism and expressionism with bold movement".
When not painting or describing his work to curious observers, Ed rides his proud Arabian horse, Patron, through the plaza.
He often rides as Zorro with a mask, cape and perhaps a sword.
Ed’s work is sought by collectors worldwide.
In 2012, he received the prestigious Governor’s Award* for Excellence in the Arts.
He has been featured in leading publications such as New Mexico Magazine, Cowboys and Indians and Southwest Art, and has been the commemorative poster artist for the Santa Fe Wine Festival and other celebrations.
President Barack Obama chose one of Ed’s paintings to adorn his official thank you cards for New Mexico, and he was recently filmed by the travel channel.