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Alexander Saidov / Александр Саидов, 1970 | Fantastic Realism painter

Alexander Saidov / Александр Саидов was born in Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar region. In 1989 he has finished the Krasnodar Art Institute. Since 1995 is a member of The Artist’s Union of Russia. From 1991 is participant of city, regional, zone exhibitions.

The basic exhibitions
  • 1991 - Republican exhibition "Youth of Russia", CHA, Moscow;
  • 1999 - Group exhibition, gallery "Noah's Art", Beirut, Lebanon;
  • 2000 - "Kunst Handlung, Rotzel and Co"; Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany; "Gallery Breheret"- Paris, France; 
  • Personal Exhibition "Gallery Art Coupe". Mainz, Germany;
  • 2001 - The Art Gallery of Central House Of Artist, Moscow; 
  • 2002 - 2003 worked in Italy;
  • 2003 - Group project "Format". Krasnodar;
  • 2003 - "The South of Russia", a regional exhibition;
  • 2003 - Gallery "Bedoir", the author's project, Stockholm, Sweden;
  • 2004 - Personal exhibition, Gallery "Lestnitsa", Krasnodar;
  • 2005 - Group project "Salon Chetireh", Gallery "Lestnitsa", Krasnodar;
  • 2005 - The group project "Game in classics", Gallery "Lestnitsa", Krasnodar.
Since December 2006 a series of Exhibitions in "Nevska Galery" in San Francisco.
The works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Turkey, the USA, Australia, Thailand and other countries.

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