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Vytautas Laisonas, 1965 | Magic Realism painter

Lithuanian painter Vytautas Laisonas, born in the village Skrėbiškis-Biržai district, is a member of Lithuania Folk Art Gild since 1991.
A key to his success is his creative ambitious personality and belief that self-analysis leads to perfection. Music, nature, lights, accidental moments are the other things that empower Vytautas to express himself through paintings.

Artwork form part of private collections in Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Member 46 group exhibitions and 12 solo. 
  • Winner of the 1997 contest in Vilnius "Best landscape of Lithuania";
  • 2002 winner of the contest in Joniskis them artist Adomas Varnasa.V;
  • 2006 by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania granted the status of creative artists.