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Renata Brzozowska, 1977 | Abstract painter

Born in the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, Renata Brzozowska** paints and draws since childhood. She graduated the University of Art in Poznań.
After years of living in France and working for one of the local gallery, she returned to the country, fully devoting herself to easel painting.
The subject of her paintings is constant for many years, it is woman, femininity and dance - her great love and passion.

"Dance is produced in me this kind of emotions and energy, so much delight and admiration that I can not resist it, I feel seduced, experiencing it and paint. This is personal inner prayer to myself and dancing his eternal, archaic system of steps universe…"
The artist invites to the
"land of painting created by influence of delight women beauty which is the owner of a unique inner magic and strength .. "