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Herman Richir | Academic painter

Herman Jean Joseph Richir (1866-1942) was an Belgian** academic painter and pastelist of foremost high society portraits and figures.
Herman Richir was born on November 4th in the Belgian city of Elsene in 1866. First he studied at the Academy of Sint-Joost-ten-Node ltaught by Gustave Biot and Charles Hermans, then he went to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussel from 1884-1889 led by Jean Portaels.

Painter, draughtsman, pastellist of portraits, posters, elegant ladies, people, chlidren, flowers, genre scenes, interiors in the Realist, Impressionist, Art nouveau and Romanticism style. He finished second in the Prix de Rome for painting in 1886.
Herman Richir became a teacher in 1900 for drawing and the first teacher for painting from nature at the Academy of Brussel in 1905 and took several times the directorship at the academy.
Herman Richir died on March 15 in Uccle in 1942.
Work in Museum: Brussel, Antwerpen, Genk.

Herman Jean Joseph Richir (4 dicembre 1866 - 15 marzo 1942), è stato un pittore accademico Belga* di scene allegoriche e mitologiche e ritrattista di grande talento.