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Daniel Mirante, 1977 | Visionary painter

Daniel Mirante is a painter, art teacher and designer, born in Chester, a Roman city situated on the border of Wales and England.
He is an independent fine art professional, writer and researcher, and educator of painting practice, art history and contemporary esoteric art.
Daniel is the co-founder and director of Art Pilgrim, a UK based educational project that specialises in instruction in painting approaches and exploration of translation from traditional to contemporary culture.

He also enjoys the role as editor of Mundus Imaginalis, Journal of Traditionalism, Sacred Art and Esoteric Studies and is a founding faculty member of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, where he teaches and lectures regularly.
Mirante’s background is self taught, though he was introduced to principles by Brigid Marlin, and in 2012 was assistant to Ernst Fuchs.

He retains a respectful connection to the venerable lineage of The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.
International activities involve group art shows and projects, including live painting and lectures at several leading culture festivals. His paintings are housed in several private collections.