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Lisa Noonis, 1963 | Abstract / Palette knife painter

Lisa Noonis is a Maine-based painter** known for her lively explorations of color, form, and space. Constantly pushing the boundaries of representation, Noonis captures the essence of objects, figures, and places with an ever-evolving, abstract style that embraces color, shape and line.

Lisa Noonis was born in York, Maine, the fifth child in a family of seven children - five boys and two girls. Her parents, Peter and Sofie Scontras, are first generation Greek Americans, and still live in the gracious New England colonial where Lisa grew up in Kittery, Maine. The family was close and loving, fostering in all the Scontras children a strong sense of family, hard work, responsibility, ambition and independence.

Her artwork has been shown around the country and is featured in many private collections.
Noonis is represented by galleries in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.
Her most recent solo show "Tidal", was at The Banks Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
She has been recognized for both her painting and design work and was a 2016 finalist for the New Hampshire Charitable Trust’s Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant.

  • 2001 New England Museum Association Publications Design Award**;
The Children’s Museum Promotional Brochure
Portsmouth Regional Hospital Logo/Letterhead Design
  • 1999 National Public Television Corporate Identity Award**, New Hampshire PublicTelevision Logo/Letterhead Design;
  • 1997 Best of Show / 22nd Annual NH Graniteer Award**;
MicroArts Corporation Capabilities Brochure.

Lisa Noonis è una pittrice del Maine. Le sue opere d'arte sono state mostrate in tutto il paese e sono presenti in molte collezioni private.
Noonis è rappresentata da gallerie nel Maine, nel New Hampshire, nel Massachusetts, in Virginia, in Georgia e in California. Il suo lavoro risiede in collezioni aziendali e private in tutto il mondo.
La sua mostra personale più recente "Tidal", è stata alla Banks Gallery di Portsmouth, nel New Hampshire.
È stata riconosciuta sia per il suo lavoro di pittura che per quello di design ed è stata finalista nel 2016 per il New Hampshire Charitable Trust’s Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant.