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Catrin Welz-Stein | Digital creator

Catrin Welz-Stein is a German graphic designer who creates stunningly surreal works.
Focused on mixed media, she breathes new life into vintage photos by experimenting in Photoshop, taking pictures apart and assembling them into new content.

Catrin graduated from Graphic Design in Darmstadt, Germany and worked as a graphic designer for various agencies in Germany and USA.
In her spare time she experimented with mixed media, collages and paintings on canvas and finally entered the amazing world of digital art.
As she told ImageKind, "A large part of my work is the search for license-free images, illustrations or photos, for which copyright has long expired. Old books, magazines and the Internet are my primary resources for that.
Once I have found the fitting image, I break it into pieces and then weave it back together mixed with other images.
I transform, assemble and retouch the pieces, until the original image is no longer recognizable and an entirely new image is created".

Catrin Welz-Stein è una graphic designer di origine Tedesca che crea opere surreali. Focalizzata sui mixed media, Lei dà nuova vita alle foto vintage sperimentando in Photoshop, smontando le immagini e assemblandole in nuovi contenuti.
Catrin si è laureata in Graphic Design a Darmstadt, Germania e ha lavorato come graphic designer per varie agenzie in Germania e negli Stati Uniti.
Nel tempo libero ha sperimentato tecniche miste, collage e dipinti su tela ed è finalmente entrata nel fantastico mondo dell'arte digitale.