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Daniela Werneck, 1974 | Watercolor painter

Daniela Werneck is a realistic watercolor painter, based in Houston - TX, whose work combines what is the most traditional in watercolor methods with a contemporary look.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dani Graduated in 1999 from the Fine Arts School of Rio de Janeiro, where she majored in Interior Designer, the area she worked in until she moved to Australia in 2008.
A self-taught watercolorist, Daniela became a full-time artist in 2015, focusing on realistic figurative watercolor; since that, she has been exhibiting nationally and received several awards in regional and national competitions.
Her work has been published in books and magazines, such as Splash 19 and 21, American Art Collectors, Southwest Art Magazine, the Watercolor Artist Magazine, and others.

Artist Statement

"My name is Daniela Werneck, I am an artist with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design.
I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, surrounded by Portuguese relatives.
After married my handsome husband, we moved to Australia and lived there for 3 years, just before we landed in Texas in 2011, a place that our two sons call home, and where they do not want to leave anytime soon.
As an artist, I am a romantic, and an art lover since my childhood.

Although, as a teenager, I attended private drawing lessons, where does all my artistic base come from, I consider myself a self-taught watercolorist.
I painted commissioned portraits in watercolor for many years, which helped me a lot to improve my skills.
Influenced by my personal background My paintings are a mixture of the classic and the romantic, with a contemporary look.
The hard life of my Portuguese ancestors, or my childhood in a poor and tropical country, our immigration, or caring for children in the foster care system, have made me into a more sensitive and humbler person".

This tendency impacts what I expect from my paintings and their emotional narrative.
My art is innocent, romantic, and pure, but often with a social focus that brings knowledge with a sense of freedom and hope to the public.
Like fairy tales with all the rebellion that they can provoke, my paintings usually speak to the public, tell stories, create an emotional narrative, revealing feelings and thoughts.

Daniela Werneck è una pittrice di acquerelli realista, con sede a Houston - TX, il cui lavoro combina ciò che è più tradizionale nei metodi dell'acquerello con un aspetto contemporaneo.
Nata a Rio de Janeiro, Brasile, Dani si è laureata nel 1999 presso la Scuola di Belle Arti di Rio de Janeiro, dove si è specializzata in Interior Designer, area in cui ha lavorato fino al suo trasferimento in Australia nel 2008.

Acquarellista autodidatta, Daniela è diventata un'artista a tempo pieno nel 2015, concentrandosi sull'acquerello figurativo realistico; da allora ha esposto a livello nazionale e ha ricevuto numerosi premi in concorsi regionali e nazionali.
Il suo lavoro è stato pubblicato su libri e riviste, come Splash 19 e 21, American Art Collectors, Southwest Art Magazine, Watercolor Artist Magazine ed altri.