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Alessandra Aita, 1983 | Wood sculptor

Alessandra Aita was born in San Daniele del Friuli.
After studying at the Art Institute "G. Sello" in Udine, she attended a professional course of computer graphics at the Csg.lab Vocational Training Centre in Udine and dedicated immediately to her professional career.
As a result of short working experiences, she opened in Buja, in the province of Udine, her own studio - Ideando Pubblicità - operating in the commercial art field.

Since a few years, she is venturing into the world of art, as her father did, becoming a renowned contemporary artist.
A creative soul, as she loves to say, who is able to convey through her creations, a strong expressive energy arising from an attentive study of the materials, from a new interpretation of her professional working-means and a careful survey of the society around us.
She always felt the need to express her feeling through art and started at a very young age to experiment using different materials and techniques until she fell under the spell of sculpture and wood.


For the realization of her works, she mainly uses pieces of wood that she retrieves by the sea or to the river banks.
The wood she finds, is a material marked by the time whose skin is wrinkled and eroded.
Through the interaction with air, water and wind, each piece of wood is different and therefore unique, thanks to a precise assembly, we can assist to the creation of the Aita’s sculptures, unique and unrepeatable works.
Wood fascinates and inspires her, as her love for nature does, with all its shapes, its colours and the strength it can transmit.

The light is an element we can find in many sculptures, often combined with wood, and used by the artist to express hope, strength and energy, inner feelings she wants us to set free.
For Aita, art is a never-ending research not only of materials, it also represent an inner quest; during the artistic creation she is carried away by moods alternating moments of joy and satisfaction to moments of pain and depression.
A path of constant growth, not without obstacles, that brings to light the most intimate and unresolved side of an, his artwork.

Alessandra Aita è nata a San Daniele del Friuli.
Dopo aver studiato presso l’Istituto Statale d’Arte di Udine, ha frequentato un corso professionale di grafica e si è da subito dedicata alla carriera professionale.
In seguito a brevi esperienze lavorative ha aperto il proprio studio operando nel campo della grafica pubblicitaria.
Da alcuni anni ha intrapreso la strada dell’arte seguendo le orme del padre, anch’egli artista contemporaneo.

Nelle sue realizzazioni riesce a trasmettere una forte energia espressiva che nasce da una profonda ricerca materica, da una nuova interpretazione dei suoi mezzi di lavoro professionale e da un’attenta analisi della società in cui viviamo.
Ha sempre avvertito il bisogno di esprimersi attraverso l’arte e fin da giovanissima ha sperimentato l’utilizzo di diversi materiali e tecniche per poi lasciarsi sedurre dalla scultura e dal legno.