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Jack Morrocco, 1953 | Impressionist painter

Scottish painter Jack Morrocco was born Edinburgh. He studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee 1970-1974.
During the summer of 1973, Jack was selected to study at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath under the tutelage of Peter Blake.
On graduation he achieved a highly commended post diploma, the highest award possible at that time, he was also awarded the Farquhar Reid Travelling Scholarship 1975.
The scholarship enabled his to leave Scotland and he headed for Paris and Florence to study and he began a European love affair.

On his return to Scotland Jack set up a design studio which he successfully ran for 20 years.
During this time he continued to make time to paint and exhibit.
In 1997 he decided to become a full time painter and now works from his studios at home in Fife, Scotland and on the Cote d’Azur in the south of France.

Jack chooses to paint several distinct types of work.
He says: "I get bored easily, so the idea of painting only one type of subject, in one particular style, doesn’t keep me interested creatively.
I need to be more flexible, and move from one discipline to the next whenever I choose".

"As my painting styles from my various genres gradually merge over time into what has been described as "Scottish Impressionism" it would be remiss of me not to ascribe the huge influence of Monet in my work.
Most recently I have attempted a series of waterlily paintings certainly inspired by Monet but also to try and understand with some depth his fascination for the subject.

I am fortunate to live close to the lilypond in St Andrews botanic gardens and so able to visit often taking in the effects of changing light and the changing subject as the pads emerge with an early iridescence, massing green and flowering later in the year.
My own fascination with reflections and light and shade make this an irresistible subject marking the time of day and time of year with canvases large and small".

Jack Morrocco è nato ad Edimburgo.
Ha studiato al Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee 1970-1974.
Conseguito l'anno post-laurea nel 1975, ha conseguito un diploma post-laurea altamente encomiabile, il più alto riconoscimento possibile in quel momento.
Assegnato anche Farquhar Reid Travelling Scholarship 1975, che è stato speso a Parigi e Firenze.

Selezionato per studiare alla Hospitalfield House, Arbroath durante l'estate del 1973, sotto il famoso artista pop Peter Blake.
Crea uno studio di design dopo il college, pur continuando a trovare il tempo per dipingere ed esporre.
Nel 1997, Jack ha deciso di dipingere a tempo pieno e ora lavora dai suoi studi a casa a Fife, in Scozia, e sulla Costa Azzurra nel sud della Francia.
Jack sceglie di dipingere diversi tipi distinti di lavoro.

Dice "Mi annoio facilmente, quindi l'idea di dipingere solo un tipo di soggetto, in uno stile particolare, non mi mantiene interessato in modo creativo.
Devo essere più flessibile e passare da una disciplina all'altra ogni volta che lo desidero".