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Rupert Bunny | Colorist / Symbolist painter

Australian painter Rupert Charles Wulsten Bunny (1864-1947) was one of the most successful expatriate artists of his generation.
No other Australian artist achieved the critical acclaim that he enjoyed in Paris. An erudite painter of ideal themes, and the creator of the most ambitious Salon paintings produced by an Australian, Bunny is an exotic in the history of Australian art.
An exhibition, Rupert Bunny artist in Paris, curated by Deborah Edwards, Senior Curator of Australian Art, will honour the work of this great Australian artist.
The exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales will showcase more than 85 of his most significant paintings, many unseen in Australia, including works from the Musée d’Orsay and Fonds national d’art contemporain in Paris and private lenders including Kerry Stokes, Jeffrey Archer and Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.

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Dora Meeson (1869-1955)

Dora Meeson was an Australian artist and an elected member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in London, England.
She was a member of the British Artists' Suffrage League.
Although born in Melbourne, Dora Meeson moved with her family to London as a child, and commenced her art studies at the Slade School.
In 1895 she returned to the antipodes and spent two years at Melbourne's National Gallery School, where she met her future husband, George Coates, before returning again to Europe just as Coates won the Travelling Scholarship.

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Jane Sutherland (1853-1928) | Impressionist painter

Jane Sutherland was an Australian landscape painter who was part of the pioneering plein-air movement in Australia, and a member of the Heidelberg School. Her advocacy to advance the professional standing of female artists during the late nineteenth century was also a notable achievement.
Jane Sutherland was born in New York to Scottish parents; the family emigrated to Sydney in 1864 and moved to Melbourne in 1870.

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Bessie Davidson | An Australian Impressionist in Paris

Bessie Ellen Davidson (1879-1965) was an Australian painter🎨 known for her impressionist, light-filled landscapes and interiors.
Davidson was born on 22 May 1879 in North Adelaide, South Australia, to a family of Scottish and English origin.
In 1904, after her mother's death, she went to Europe to study art in company with Preston.
They spent the first few months in Munich, where Davidson studied briefly at the Künstlerinner Verein, before moving on to Paris.
There she studied at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, under René-Xavier Prinet🎨, where she met and began a lifelong friendship with Philippe Besnard's future wife, Germaine Desgranges. She also took classes with Raphael Collin, Richard Miller and Gustave Courtois.

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Jim Tsinganos | Surrealist / Conceptual painter / Illustrator

Jim Tsinganos is a Sydney🎨 based Illustrator with over 20 years experience who has had 2 working stints in Amsterdam.
He is the recipient of numerous awards, both locally and internationally and is represented in the UK and the US. Working primarily with pastels and watercolor, he is interested in creating work with a strong conceptual basis.

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Robert Hagan, 1947 | Plein Air painter

Robert Hagan raised in the lush, languorous sub-tropical northern New South Wales, Australia and educated at Newcastle University, he communicates in a typical offhanded Aussie manner. Widely traveled with studios in Suffolk, England, San Diego, USA, Southport, Australia and Pattaya, Thailand.
Robert goes about his art with confidence, humility and pragmatism. He explains, "When you look at things you tend to concentrate on one element, a boy or girl at the waters edge, for example.

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Arthur Streeton | Impressionist painter

Sir Arthur Streeton (1867-1943) was one of the foremost Australian Impressionist painters, and his paintings continue to count among the most iconic images of Australian art.
Streeton’s artistic training began aged 15, with night classes in design at Melbourne’s National Gallery School, while he worked as an office clerk and, later, as an apprentice lithographer.
He read amateur art manuals imported from Europe and America that encouraged painting en plein air.

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Ethel Carrick (1872-1952)

Ethel Carrick, also known by her married name of Ethel Carrick Fox (she married the Australian🎨 Impressionist painter Emanuel Phillips Fox🎨 in 1905), was an English🎨-born Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painter.
Much of her career was spent in France and in Australia, where she was associated with the movement known as the Heidelberg School.