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Angel Boligan, 1965 | Surreal cartoonist / illustrator

A>ngel Boligàn Corbo was born in Havana. In 1992 he moved to Mexico. He draws for the newspaper EL UNIVERSAL and the satirical magazines CONOZCA MÁS and EL CHAMUCO. He is a member of the cartoonist group "Cartooning for Peace" and won worldwide more than 130 prizes in cartoon competitions.
Angel comes from a country surrounded by dreams, frustrations and sometimes nightmares. Cuba, land of intensive social and political incidents, gave Bolig án the experience of life. A socialist who later will perceive the capitalist world with a broader look, becoming that way an observer with a surprising maturity.

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Toledo del Rio, 1989 | Magic Realism painter

Born in Santa Clara, Cuba, Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio graduated from Manuel Ascunce Domenech in Cuba.
Toledo del Rio considers his creations a form of magical realism, evoking dreams, fantasy and magic through the use of color, light, shadow and space.
Toledo del Rio achieves, "...dreamlike atmospheres where reality and fantasy intertwine to show a different world".

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Juan Carlos Verdial, 1957 | Surrealist painter

Cuban painter Juan Carlos Verdial was born in Havana, Cuba. Graduated from Art Academy of San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba.
He is a graduate of the San Alejandro Academy of Art, the oldest and most prestigious Fine Art school in Cuba, and a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).
His works have been shown in close to 100 solo and group exhibitions across South, Central, and North America, including Chile, Panama, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, as well as Miami, Boston and New York.

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Denis Nunez Rodríguez, 1967 | Surrealist painter

Cuban painter Denis Nunez Rodriguez was born in Matanzas, Cuba.
He studied drawing and painting in Cuba`s National Art School and graduated in 1986 as a painter and professor of painting and drawing.
Núñez has held numerous solo exhibitions in Cuba and worldwide.
His works have been recognized with numerous awards🎨 and most of them illustrate book covers of famous authors.

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Federico Beltran Masses | Symbolist / Art Déco painter

Federico Armando Beltrán Massés (1885-1949) was a Cuban-born Spanish artist, renowned as a master of color and the psychological portrait, as well as a painter of seductive images of strong, often scandalous, women.
Federico Beltrán Massés was born in Guaira de la Melena, Cuba.
He studied with the painter Joaquín Sorolla 1863-1923🎨 at l’École des Beaux-Arts de Barcelona and, in 1905, he studied Spanish and European art at the Prado, Madrid.
In 1916, he received recognition from the Paris's Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts and continued to live in Paris for many years.

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Cesar Santos, 1982 | Realist Portrait / Conceptual painter

Cesar Santos, Cuban-American⏭, studied at Miami Dade College and the New World School of the Arts before travelling to Florence, where he trained at the Angel Academy of Art under the tutelage of Michael John Angel, a student of Pietro Annigoni⏭.
He returned to Miami, where he developed his philosophy of marrying both the classical and the modern juxtaposed within one painting.
His influences range from the Renaissance⏭ to the masters of the nineteenth century to Modernism.

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Federico Beltrán-Masses | Symbolist / Art Déco painter | Part. 2

Joan Crawford sitting for portrait painter Federico Beltran Masses, 1932

Federico Beltrán Masses* (Guaira de la Melena, Cuba 1885 - Barcellona 1949) was showered with public honours and was a member of the Academies of San Fernando in Madrid, San Jorge in Barcelona and San Luís in Zaragoza, as well as those of Lisbon, Cordóba and Málaga, and also a member of the French Institut and Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris.

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Federico Garcia Lorca | Indovinello della chitarra / Riddle of the guitar

Nel rotondo
sei fanciulle

Tre d’argento
e tre di carne.

Federico Beltrán Masses | Tres Para Uno / Three for one, 1934