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Yossi Kotler, 1965 | Mixed Media painter

Yossi Kotler is a painter and graphic designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
His artworks are very colorful and strong with a lot of layers. Yossi creates his work with different mediums - acrylic on canvas, oil pastel, ink, charcoal, digital art etc.
Kotler graduated "Wizo College of design" in Haifa Israel in graphic design, in the years 1988-1992.

- "I am an full time artist and a designer".

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Leonid Afremov (1955-2019) | The "Impressionist" Lovers

Leonid Afremov🎨 was a Russian-Israeli modern impressionistic artist who worked with palette knives and oils.
Over the last 25 years, he developed his own personal style and technique which differentiates him from other artists. He painted mainly city scenes, vintage cars, seascapes, cats playing jazz and flowers.
Afremov was born in Vitebsk, the same town where Marc Chagall began his artistic career. He developed his passion for painting in the USSR until 1990.

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Maya Green, 1957 | Abstract painter

Maya Green [Майя Грин] -born Maya Greenblat, is a Ukrainian-Jewish contemporary painter, graphic artist, illustrator and sculptor.
I have been an artist my whole life. Originally, i was born and raised in Ukraine and I first developed my love of art there. Since my childhood, I have been intrigued with the patterning of light and the interaction of color. I studied at the School of Art in Ukraine.

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Ora Tamir, 1980 | Fly with me

Born in Israel, Ora Tamir immigrated to California. Ora’s Oil Paintings are purely intuitive, surreal with a futuristic quality and haunting beauty.
The images are personal, touch the soul and have a distinct unique feel to them. Each of Ora’s original oil paintings are a long labor of love. The first step is an idea.
A wooden board is coated with gesso (a painter’s medium) and sanded until a very smooth undercoat results.

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Mark Ashkenazi | Pop Art /Vintage style painter

'Each piece of artwork showcases my feelings and thoughts in the moment'..

Mark Ashkenazi, an Israeli photo artist, based in New York, focus on eclectic mediums.
Mark's portfolio ranges from eye-catching figure art, pop art, comics and cartoons to portraits and colorful animal art.

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Eitan Vitkon, 1967 | Abstract photographer

Born in a small village in the south of Israel, Eitan Vitkon is an acclaimed contemporary photographer whose work has been exhibited and applauded worldwide. In 1996, Eitan moved to New York from Tel Aviv, to continue studying architecture, eventually receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute in 1999.
It was during his studies that he developed a passion for photography, using the camera to sustain a creative mental space away from the more demanding and often rigid architecture pursuit.
His interest in urbanism and design from a physical and emotional standpoint inevitably spilled into his image making, culminating in what is now an impressive body of work spanning close to 15 years.

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Assaf Frank, 1971 | Misty morning in Venice /Paris

As a young boy, Assaf Frank had an eye for photography. Later at university, his talents were noticed as his artistic gift became apparent. He has had a career in computers for many years, and now he combines his computer knowledge with his photography to produce high quality digital images/produced as art prints for others to buy and share in the enjoyment. Assaf is well travelled and his work touches on people and their lives across the world.

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Ronit Baranga, 1973 | Surrealist sculptor

An Israeli artist with a head full of memories. Memories that might come from childhood, confronting the hands of an adult? An art that creates mysterious characters, images of women hiding behind their masks, or objects that have a life of themselves, and some human presence.