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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Korean Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Jung Sook Hyun, 1961 | Watercolor painter

Artist Jung Sook Hyun with a Graduate Masters in Fine Art in Korea, has exhibited her paintings all over the world.
Jung Sook Hyun has been Artist since her high school year and she's been very active in the area with her exhibitions.
She currently lives and works in Fullerton, California.
Jung Sook Hyun captures snapshot of the California countryside with her delicate Watercolor and Oil Paintings.

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Coniglio 꼬닐리오 | A Girl and her Pet Rabbit | Whimsical Illustrator

Coniglio (en. Rabbit) is the pseudonym of a Korean artist who has lived in Italy for four years.
With a background in graphic design, Coniglio creates whimsical illustrations for children's books.
After graduating from the University in Korea, she left for Italy to participate in an internship program.
Coniglio, fascinated by the atmosphere that Italy conveyed to her, boarded the plane without having learned Italian well.
She currently lives in Milan and is majoring in visual design at the National Academy of Fine Arts (Accademia di Belle Arti).

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WanJin Gim, 1981 | Abstract painter of human anatomy

Seoul-based artist WanJin Gim illustrates the form and gesture of the human body using complex hatched layers of color and dramatic lighting.
He starts his career under the nickname "Willeys".
In 2016 he begins sharing his artworks with SNS. His passion for drawing manifests itself from a young age.
After graduating from the Animation Department he realizes that animation is not capturing him and chooses to work as a freelance filmmaker.

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Jonathan Ahn, 1977 | Figurative / Cityscape painter

Korean-born American painter🎨 Jonathan Jungsuk Ahn was born in Seoul, South Korea and immediately displayed talent in fine arts.
At age seven Jon moved to the Boston area, where he began studying under and studied under Mrs. Angell-Rickenbacker for over a decade until Jon left for Paris, France.
Jon continued studying art in Paris within the hallow Parisien Museums.
During this time, Jon produced a substantial body of work all the while studying the works of Old Masters.
After several years of traveling the world, Jon settled in San Francisco where he has received his MFA at the Academy of Art University.

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Jungho Lee | Surrealist Illustrator

The Korean artist Jungho Lee is based in Seoul where he creates surreal illustrations for books and is also in the process of working on his own picture book.
Many of his recent pieces incorporate actual books as a wide variety of visual metaphors from the wings of a plane to pools of stars.
Jungho Lee was recently named the overall professional winner of the "World Illustration Awards 2016".

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Lee Kang-Bin, 1991 | Coffee art

South Korean barista Lee Kang-bin is taking coffee art to the next level, creating miniature imitations of famous paintings on foamy cups of java at his central Seoul cafe.
With meticulous strokes of tiny brushes and spoons, Lee, 26, recreates the likes of Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night" and Edvard Munch's "The Scream" using thick cream stained with food coloring atop a cup of coffee.
The result of the painstaking 15-minute process is a 10,000 won ($8.71) cup of cold coffee that has won Lee thousands of fans at his cafe and online.

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Seung Mo Park, 1969 | Wire Sculptor

South Korean artist Seung Mo Park 성 명 박 승 모 (朴勝模) creates gorgeous sculptures from tightly wrapped aluminium wire over fibreglass forms.
Park gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dong A University in Busan, South Korea’s second largest city after Seoul.
Making up Park’s ‘Human’ series, the figures display painstaking attention to detail, from the bone structure and curves of the human bodies, to the delicate strands of hair and the folds and wrinkles of draped clothing.

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Chin H. Shin | Impressionist Cityscape painter

Korean-born American painter Chin H. Shin has a Master of Art Degree from Long Island University. His past affiliation includes, Oil painters of America, American Society of Marine Artist, Portrait Society of America, member of Huntington Art Council, a judge for Bold Brush International Art Competition and teaches art classes by request.