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Il cimitero monumentale di Staglieno

Silenzio, in questo luogo si dorme...
Si può definire così il cimitero monumentale di Staglieno, una vera e propria metropoli dei defunti, il più grande e importante cimitero monumentale d’Europa, ma anche un vero e proprio museo a cielo aperto, una grandiosa galleria di arte scultorea che da sempre ha appassionato fotografi e turisti da tutto il mondo.
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Marina Podgaevskaya / Марина Подгаевская, 1963 | Abstract Figurative painter | VideoArt

Марина Подгаевская* is an Russian painter*, known for lyrical and full of mythology and fantasy themes.
Марина Подгаевская* was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Podgaevskaya see:
Marina Podgaevskaya / Марина Подгаевская, 1963 | Abstract Figurative painter*.

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Selene Salvi

Nata nel 1976 e vive a Napoli, Italia.
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Alberto Aragòn Reyes, 1980 ~ Symbolist painter / Figurative sculptor

Sculptor Alberto Aragón Reyes was 8 April 1980 inOaxaca, Mexico, a region known for its rebellious nature.
His work is strongly influenced by mural painting, which he works on in addition to his other artistic activities.
His works are charged with the spiritual nature of the relationship between people and animals, which has a strong tradition in Mexico. His motifs and themes are strongly influenced by the ancient traditions of old Mexico. 
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Giulio Monteverde | Monteverde Angel, 1882

Giulio Monteverde Monument, Milano
The Monteverde Angel or Angel of the Resurrection is the name given to a marble statue of 1882 that guards the tomb of the Oneto family in the cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa, Northern Italy.
It is one of the most famous works by the Neo-classical Italian sculptor Giulio Monteverde (1837-1917) and was commissioned by Francesco Oneto, a president of the Banca Generale, in honour of deceased members of his family.
Portraying a pensive angel with long, richly detailed wings, it is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful and sensual sculptures in its genre, to which Monteverde contributed other important Neoclassical works.
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Ken Hamilton

The oil paintings seen on these pages are a characteristic sample of the work of the Irish artist Ken Hamilton. Born in Nigeria, West Africa, he returned to Ireland at the age of eleven where he eventually went to Art College in Belfast. Rejecting the trends of so-called contemporary art, he has sought to restore some of the ancient values of painting now discarded by so many.
His paintings do not openly deal with the angst of the artist's own soul or with the 'human condition' but rather seem to be a celebration of the visual pleasures of the world in which we live. By pointing towards these pleasures he is also reminding us of their fleeting nature, not to create in us a sense of despair but so that we may savour the moment and enrich our lives by taking our time and drawing our attention to them.

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Antonio Nunziante, 1956

Il 5.09.2010 riceve il premio "La lizza d'oro Arte". Questo premio viene assegnato annualmente dall'Associazione Culturale "La vecchia lizza" a personalità illustri della cultura italiana. La motivazione del premio è la seguente: "Straordinario esponente dell'arte contemporanea, in lui la capacità e l'invenzione dei grandi maestri del passato. La sua ricerca nel mondo dei colori e il suo nome conosciuto a livello internazionale rappresentano un vanto per un Paese dal passato unico nell'Arte e negli studi".
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Jeanett Guichard Bunel

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Petra ~ La Città Rosa

Presso la cittadina araba di Ma’an, nel sud della Giordania, sorge Petra, nota anche come la Città delle Tombe o la Città Rosa, l’antica capitale del regno dei Nabatei, recentemente dichiarata dall’UNESCO Patrimonio Culturale dell’Umanità.
Petra | La Città Rosa

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Maggie Vandewalle

Maggie Vandewalle was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa. She received an art scholarship to the University of Iowa in 1981, where she worked towards a BFA in printmaking under Virginia Myers. After school she turned to painting, in part due to the cost of printmaking equipment, yet also to fulfill a desire for more immediate results. “I discovered that much as I loved working with copper and etching materials, the steps involved with creating a finished piece were taking a toll on my impatient nature”.
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Danielle Richard ~ Hyperrealist painter

Is a pleasure to finally offer myself a window on the world and introduce some of my works. A few are recent, others are older, but all should give you a good odea of my progression through the years. You will find oil paintings, but also acrylic and pastel works. I even displayed commissioned portraits. My works, sometimes linked to romantic realism, new figuration or contemporary impressionism are mostly distinguised by a unique treatment of the light and a concern for the rendering detail, without stepping into hyperrealism. Settings with women, children, the sea, lakes… bucolic atmospheres, are all a clear part of my pictorial world.

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Dae Chun Kim ~ European Landscapes

Dae Chun Kim's delightful use and choice of vibrant colors bring peace and a warm cozy feeling to his paintings. European landscaping is his favorite subject, especially the Mediterranean Sea and English gardens.
Kim graduated from Hong-Ik University with a major in oil painting.  Now painting for 30 years, Kim has accumulated numerous accolades. His work has been displayed in a countless number of exhibitions including Hyundai Art Gallery in Korea, Gallery Birmingham in London, and many more.
Dae Chun Kim | European Landscapes

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Hsin Yao Tseng, 1986 | Impressionist portraits and figure

Hsin-Yao Tseng was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1986. Around the age of ten, Hsin-Yao started painting in watercolors, as well as other mediums,out side of school. The early exposure instilled in him the foundation needed to excel at very early age.
After graduated from high school in Taiwan, in 2004 summer, Hsin-Yao came to United State to study aboard. He received B.F.A. of Fine Art Painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2009. And he received M.F.A of Fine Art Painting from the same school in 2012. Hsin-Yao, having already developed a signature style, has had his work recognized by the major art magazines of today, as well as by an unprecedented number of highly prestigious galleries especially in his young age.

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Luisa Villavicencio

Studies Visual Arts, Universidad Metropolitana of Chile. Seminar of Therapeutic Method Constellations of Hellinger University of Chile. Tarot and Psychomagic A. Jodorovsky, Cultural Center of Las Condes, Chile.
Activities: Painting, Tarot, Meditation and Alternative Therapies 'Samadhi Therapy Center'.

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Pablo Picasso: I computer sono inutili. Ti sanno dare solo risposte..

"I computer sono inutili. Ti sanno dare solo risposte".
"Computers Are useless. They Can Only Give You Answers".

"La pittura è solo un altro modo di tenere un diario".
"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary".

Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso, 1941

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Jozsef Karpati

He was born in Kevermes, Békés County, Hungary in 1956. Graduated as a teacher of arts at the Teacher Training College of Eger. At the beginning he took interest in the non-figurative style of painting, which shows the influence of his master, Ignác Kokas. Within some years he found his individual abstract world of images.

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Zhao Kailin, 1961 | Figurative painter

Award Winning Artist Zhao Kailin was born in December 1961, in Bengbu, China. He graduated from Central Art Academy in Beijing in 1991 and is one of the most important and critically acclaimed Chinese masters of contemporary realism. During his intensive training, Zhao was exposed to the galvanizing portraits of Dutch Renaissance master Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669). He was also inspired by the luxuriant brushwork, jewel-like color and commanding manipulation of light and shadow of Italian Renaissance painter Carravagio (1573-1610).

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Salvador Dali ~ Zodiac sign

In the late 1960’s, Leon Amiel, a well-known publisher of Dali’s works, commissioned Dali to create the molds for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac based on Dali’s Zodiac gouaches and lithographs. Twelve Original Hand Signed Numbered Salvador Dali Lithograph - Signs of the Zodiac, New York e Paris, 1967.
Salvador Dalí 1904-1989 | Surrealist painter | Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, 1967

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Aiuto - Il mio profilo Fb è stato disabilitato!

Le cause della disabilitazione del profilo Facebook, in sostanza sono due:

- L'eccessiva attività, vale a dire, l'utilizzo di una funzione ripetutamente in un breve lasso di tempo, come le continue richieste di amicizia per aumentare il numero degli amici, e le continue condivisioni nelle bacheche degli amici. Dopo essere stato avvisato di rallentare l'utilizzo di tali funzioni, Fb ti disattiva l'account.
- Le segnalazioni da terzi (amici che hanno accesso all'interno della nostra pagina personale) delle foto, video caricati e note. Dopo tre quattro segnalazioni, Fb ti disattiva l'account.
- Mentre, per le Pagine Fan, le foto segnalate all'interno della pagina, disattivano l'account personale di chì fornisce di foto, di link, di video ecc., la stessa Pagina Fan.

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Ancient Jordanian site of Petra

Petra is a historical and archaeological city in the Jordanian governorate of Ma'an that is known for its rock cut architecture and water conduits system. Established sometime around the 6th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataeans, it is a symbol of Jordan as well as its most visited tourism attraction. It lies on the slope of Mount Hor in a basin among the mountains which form the eastern flank of Arabah (Wadi Araba), the large valley running from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba.

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Ancient Persian sculptures

The Ancient Persians modern Iran are more familiar to us than the other empire builders of Mesopotamia or the Ancient Near East, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians, not only because the Persians were more recent, but because they were amply described by the Greeks. Just as one man, Alexander of Macedon Alexander the Great, ultimately wore the Persians down quickly in about three years), so the Persian Empire rose to power quickly under the leadership of Cyrus the Great.
Ancient | Persian sculptures

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Rafael Espitia

I was born in Cartagena, Colombia  in 1967. I started painting since I was 5 years old and at the age of 13 my passion for painting was clear. I was distinguished for my skills on painting photographic realism; at the time, the press used to call me a “child prodigy”. Today I have more than 30 years experience in fine arts. I studied art and history of arts in Bogotá, Madrid and New York, and after receiving several awards in Spain and continuing exhibiting, I was commissioned to make murals, cataloged as the best of my city.
In 1995 I founded the company “Diseño Interior” in Cartagena, Colombia, and became its design director. One year later and with over 70 employees, I started the manufacture of furniture and moldings, and created the brands "Espitia Art", "Espitia Furniture", and "Espitia Moldings". This gave me 15 years experience in leadership and personnel management. Moreover, I have always been passionate, immersed and seduced by the film world, and so, with the help of my 10 years experience and great management of the most advanced digital software, I am able to work on them with speed and efficiency.
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Andrey Kartashov, 1974

Ukrainian painter Андрей Карташов was born in the city of Uzhgorod, the ancient capital of Transcarpathia, in western Ukraine. The picturesque slopes of the Carpathian mountains, the majestic open spaces, the mossy stones and ancient castles awakened in him a special feeling for the world around him, and that finally led him to the decision to devote his life to art. In 1995, Andrey graduated with honors from the College of Applied Arts of Uzhgorod. His senior project was recognized as the best end-of-study project of the year, and earned him the right to enroll, without entrance examinations, at the Lvov Academy of Arts. However, for Andrey, study at Lvov would not be sufficient; only the best academy for art, that in St. Petersburg, would satisfy his desire for the highest quality instruction possible. Once in St. Petersburg, no longer surrounded by the bright and enchanting natural beauty of Carpathia, Andrey was forced to learn a more difficult skill: to distinguish the various shades of St. Petersburg’s grey.

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Philippe Augé, 1935 | Surrealist painter

With unusually high praise from the modern master, George Braque, the young French artist Philippe Augé embarked on a painting career which, since the 1950’s has catapulted him into a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. Braque’s assessment represents the quintessence of all the qualities associated with Augé’s work today.
Recognized primarily for his delicately balanced figures and lush still lifes, his paintings vibrate with a gamut of rich color which recalls instantly the panoply of Renaissance painting. At first glance, the subjects have a quiet quality – pulpy fruits, beautiful women clad in robes of luxurious fabrics, sensuous flowers, pastoral landscapes from region never seen by man – but a more serious study reveals something else; a Surrealistic note, subtly introduced by means of a minuscule figure looming in the background, a small animal half hidden by flowers, a simple gesture of one of his women.

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Salvador Dalì ~ Toreador allucinogeno

Bronze and brass 82 x 12 x 12 inches, c. 1971-75; published c. 1989

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Madre Teresa /Dorian Florez ~ Mandami qualcuno da amare /Give me someone to love..

Signore, quando ho fame,
dammi qualcuno che ha bisogno di cibo;
quando ho un dispiacere,
mandami qualcuno da consolare;
quando la mia croce diventa pesante,
fammi condividere la croce di un altro;
quando non ho tempo,
dammi qualcuno che io possa aiutare per qualche momento;
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Antonio Nunziante, 1956 | L'Arte metafisica

Il pittore Italiano Antonio Nunziante afferma che tra Surrealismo e Metafisica "c’è una commistione. Mediamente la metafisica mi da più apertura, nel senso che è una realtà possibile e più vicina a noi. Il surrealismo invece è qualcosa di estremo, oltre una realtà. Raramente vado oltre la realtà delle cose, infatti nel contesto della mia espressione apparentemente tutto sembra ben proporzionato e normale, ma non è proprio così". Antonio Nunziante è nato nel 1956 a Napoli, ma è a Torino, dove la famiglia si era trasferita nel 1961, che trascorre l'adolescenza. Nel 1975, successivamente al conseguimento della maturità artistica ad Asti, s'iscrive all'Accademia di belle arti, che frequenta per due anni.

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Chagall / Kahlil Gibran ~ Farò della mia anima../I will do a casket of my soul

Farò della mia anima uno scrigno
per la tua anima,
del mio cuore una dimora
per la tua bellezza,
del mio petto un sepolcro
per le tue pene.
I will do a casket of my soul
for your soul,
my heart a residence
for your beauty,
my breast a sepulcher
for your pains.

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