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James Coleman, 1949 | Walt Disney Fine Art

James Coleman, American painter, was born in Hollywood, California in 1949. As a youth, his creative abilities seemed to dominate his world.
Though he lacked the athletic skills of his young friends, he more than made up for it with imagination and ingenuity. As a young man, his interest in filmmaking and fine art would mark the beginning of a long, successful career in animated films.

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Thomas Blackshear ~ Visionary painter

Thomas Blackshear, African-American painter, is an artist who is best known for his emotionally powerful Christian and ebony themes. Blackshear is considered to be one of the world's most talented artists because of his versatility, consummate skill, and extraordinary sense of color, style, and design.

Thomas Blackshear | African-American Visionary painter
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Mark Newman, 1962 | Figurative sculptor

Born in 1962, Mark Newman is an American sculptor🎨 who has a career of 19 years behind, if we calculate only his professional activities. Newman has a remarkable style expressed through art, through his vivid looking sculptures that appear to be freakishly alive! He spends a lot of time in his studio where he molds some of the best sculptures the modern world has seen. Newman believes in practice, drawing, observing forms and people and getting inspired by other artists.

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Cesar Santos, 1982 | Realist painter | Part. 2

Cesar Santos🎨 is a Cuban-born American painter🎨, best known for images that transmit the impression of paintings of the past, but are also imbued with contemporary, fresh concepts and his own philosophy.
His work shows a wide range of influences, including sources as diverse as the Renaissance🎨, Nineteenth Century academic work, and contemporary society. His artistic energy drives him to arrange elusive figures and objects in conceptual designs, yet rendering them in a believable and convincing way.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Santos, see Cesar Santos, 1982 | Realist Portrait / Conceptual painter🎨.

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Umberto Mazzone, 1941

Autumn Symphony | Umberto Mazzone 1941 | Italian surrealist painter

Umberto Mazzone, pittore italiano, è nato a Catania. Attualmente vive e opera a Bevagna (PG), proseguendo un lungo percorso artistico, iniziato a soli dieci anni.
Proprio a quell’età, stimolato dalla sua insegnante di disegno, si accosta al variegato mondo dell’arte, che cattura la sua giovane fantasia, consentendogli di scoprire le sue possibilità fantastiche e umane, attraverso segni ed i colori.
Da allora segue una ricerca artistica, lievitata dagli studi classici e soprattutto dal mondo greco e orientale, che lo porterà a sperimentazioni sempre nuove, legate ai valori di quelle civiltà che ci hanno segnato sia come popoli, che come individui.

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Sergey Ignatenko, 1975 | Night's Dream

Сергей Игнатенко was born in Gomel, the Republic of Belarus.
At the young age of eleven Sergey Ignatenko was accepted into art school. As a child, he fiddled with paint and paintbrush and made figurative pictures with his mother's and sister's portraits. They were his models.
During his training he participated in numerous local and national exhibitions and competitions.
Graduating from the school in 1990, Ignatenko was accepted into the Gomel Art College painting department, from which he graduated in 1995.

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Claudio Sacchi, 1953 | Figurative painter

Italian painter🎨 Claudio Sacchi was born in Pesaro, Italy. He attended the Art School in Urbino, and continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
Major influences in his artistic education were his encounters with Pietro Annigoni🎨 and with Enrico Del Bono. Since 1977 his work has been included in the archive of the Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence, in the section on twentieth-century Italian art.

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Meadow Gist, 1975 | Impressionist Figurative / Portrait painter

Meadow Gist, a young American painter, is member of both the California Art Club and Oil Painters of America. Gist has studied at Watts Atelier for the past six years, and has taught there for the last three.
She began her art career in the corporate field painting displays and murals for a major retail chain. Her work has been exhibited as a finalist in the International Artist Magazine's Still Lifes and Florals Competition 2006 and as a "Top 50" selection at Salon International 2007.

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Tina Blondell, 1953 | Visionary / Figurative painter

Austrian-American painter🎨 Tina Blondell was born in Salzburg, Austria, to an American father and austrian mother who encouraged her early interest in art.
Crucial to her education as an artist, was her first-hand encounters with art in Italy, where she lived until 1971, particularly the work of Caravaggio🎨 and of Artemisia Gentileschi🎨.

Tina Blondell 1953 | Austrian-born American figurative painter

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Marek Langowski ~ The dance of light in Venice

Marek Langowski is a polish painter, who is creating his works since 1981. You can find his pieces all around the world. Marek was born in Aleksandrow Lódzki. He lives and works in Belchatow, near Lodz. The biggest passions of Marek are family loving, painting and photography.
The dance of light in Venice
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Gala, la passione surreale di Salvador Dali

Gala, Elena Ivanovna Diakonova (1894-1982), moglie del poeta Paul Eluard, conosciuta nel 1929, fu la prima amante e poi moglie di Salvador Dalí 1904-1989, il pittore spagnolo degli "orologi molli"e delle "giraffe in fiamme".
L'incontro con la moglie di Eluard, Gala, sarà folgorante tanto che, nell'estate dello stesso anno la conduce nella sua terra natale per dichiararle il suo amore.

Salvador Dalì 1904-1989 | Surrealist painter and sculptor

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Tuman Zhumabaev, 1962 | Impressionist painter

Туман Жумабаев is one of the most prominent artist living in Russia today.
Recently, he had a painting acquired by the Hermitage for its permanent collection.
Arrived in Leningrad from Kyrgyzstan. In 1981-1985 he studied at the Serov Art College; in 1991 he graduated from the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, under the tuition of Profession Yu. M. Neprintsev.

Tuman Zhumabaev 1962 | Russian Impressionist painter

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Gerardine Jacoba ~ Still life painter of flowers

Came from an artistic family, the still life Dutch painter Gerardina Jacoba Van de Sande Bakhuyzen [1826-1895], was a 19th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands. Her father was the painter Hendrik Van de Sande Bakhuyzen, and her brother was the painter Julius Jacobus Van de Sande Bakhuyzen.
Gerardina was taught by her father, as were all her numerous sisters. She achieved great success with her oils and watercolours of flowers and still lives, winning numerous medals between 1870-1880, in which year she had an exhibition at the Grafton Gallery in London.
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Andre Kohn, 1972 | White umbrellas

Андрей Конь is a Russian-born American painter. Raised by an artistically gifted family near the Caspian Sea in southern Russia, Andre Kohn’s childhood was marked by the natural splendor of mountains and sea, and by an unfettered access to all the creative arts.
Andre Kohn 1972 | Russian-born Figurative Impressionist painter | White umbrellas

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Almudena Pintado, 1969 ~ Abstract Mixed media painter

Almudena Pintado, self-taught spanish painter, born in Benavente, Spain in 1969. CIALEC member (International Centre for Art and Literature "E. Córdoba"). Develops his work in the abstract style and mixed media on canvas or wood. 
Almudena Pintado 1969 | Spanish Abstract Mixed media painter
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Kathryn Morris Trotter ~ Paris in the rain

Kathryn Morris Trotter, american painter, a native Mississippian, claims that painting is her greatest passion. After graduating from The University of Texas in Austin, Trotter had an innate curiosity about life, travel, and the ineffable creative world. Her passion propelled her ventures into the corporate world of fashion, interiors and textile design, which have been highly influential in her subject and style of painting.
Kathryn Morris Trotter | American Impressionist Knife painter | Paris in the rain
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Mary Baxter St. Clair | Magical Fantasy painter

Mary Baxter St. Clair, american painter, entered the world with a brush in her hand.
Others remark that she paints with fairy dust.
All are touched by her sense of wonder and marvel at her beautifully detailed paintings of wide-eyed children, ethereal angels, elusive fairies and piquant pixies, richly dressed in brilliant colors.

Mary Baxter St. Clair | American Magical Fantasy painter | The Secret Gardens

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Jean Marc Janiaczyk, 1966 ~ Realist/Impressionist painter

Jean Marc Janiaczyk, French painter, since his childhood he draws, in 1991 at the age of 24 he began to paint. Many years to draw, gave him a solid foundation in drawing. He paints only with oil colors. He started with a very difficult technique: Hyperrealism.
Jean Marc Janiaczyk 1966 | French Realist/Impressionist Knife painter
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Henri Matisse | Odalisque series

In 1917 Matisse relocated to Cimiez on the French Riviera, a suburb of the city of Nice.
His work of the decade or so following this relocation shows a relaxation and a softening of his approach.
This "return to order" is characteristic of much art of the post-World War I period and can be compared with the neoclassicism of Picasso and Stravinsky as well as the return to traditionalism of Derain.

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Ennio Montariello, 1960 ~ Figurative painter

Nato a Napoli nel 1960, il pittore italiano Ennio Montariello vive a Campello sul Clitunno (Pg). Nel 1978 si diploma presso il Liceo Artistico di Napoli. Nel 1982 e 1983 si diploma agli Stages Internazionali di pittura di Anacapri di Napoli. Questioni delle arti: incontri internazionali, tenuti da Gillo Dorfles, Joe Tilson, Gianni Pisani, Enrico Baj, Giulio Carlo Argan, Achille Bonito Oliva, Filiberto Menna, Lea Vergine, Francesco Vincitorio, Mimma Russo.
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Childe Hassam | Flag series / La serie delle bandiere

The most distinctive and famous works of american painter Childe Hassam's later life compose the set of about thirty paintings known as the "Flag series".
Flag paintings by Hassam are in the collections of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Historical Society and the National Gallery of Art.
Claude Monet, among other french painter, had also painted flag-themed works - The Rue Montorgueil, Paris 1878.

Childe Hassam 1859-1935 - American painter - Avenue of the Allies 1918 - The Impressionist Flags

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Claude Monet | The Rue Montorgueil, 1878

The Rue Montorgueil, Paris, was painted by Claude Monet (1840-1926) on 30 June 1878 for a festival declared that year by the government celebrating "peace and work".
This was one of the events organised for the third Universal Exhibition in Paris a few weeks after it opened, and intended to be a symbol of France’s recovery after the defeat of 1870.

Claude Monet 1840-1926 - French painter - The Rue Montorgueil, Paris 1878 - The Impressionist Flags

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Gustave Caillebotte | Impressionist painter

Gustave Caillebotte, (born August 19, 1848, Paris, France - died February 21, 1894, Gennevilliers), French painter, art collector, and impresario who combined aspects of the academic and Impressionist styles in a unique synthesis.
Born into a wealthy family, Caillebotte trained to be an engineer but became interested in painting and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He met Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet in 1874 and showed his works at the Impressionist exhibition of 1876 and its successors.

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Édouard Vuillard (1868-1940) | Still life

In October 1888, Jean-Édouard Vuillard🎨 joined the Nabis🎨 and contributed to their exhibitions at the Gallery of Le Barc de Boutteville. Later he shared a studio with other fellow member of the Nabis, Pierre Bonnard🎨 and Maurice Denis.
In the early 1890s he worked for the Théâtre de l'Oeuvre of Lugné-Poë designing settings and programs.
In 1898 Vuillard visited Venice and Florence. The following year he made a trip to London. Later he went to Milan, Venice and Spain. Vuillard also traveled in Brittany and Normandy.

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Shahin Gholizadeh | Hollywood stars of the golden age

Digital pastel brushes by Shahin Gholizadeh, Iranian painter, to honour the memory of the great Hollywood stars and songs icons of the 20th century.

Greta Garbo 1905-1990

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Nicola De Luca

Nato nel 1953 a Torre di Ruggero, dove tuttora vive e lavora, Nicola De Luca, pittore Italiano, intraprende negli anni '60 gli studi artistici presso il Liceo Artistico di Reggio Calabria. Nel 1972, dopo aver completato gli studi liceali, si trasferisce a Napoli e si iscrive alla facoltà di Architettura.
Nicola De Luca 1953 | Italian Figurative painter
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Yarek Godfrey, 1957 | Figurative painter

Godfrey Yarek 1957| French Realistic Figurative painter

French painter, british and austrian origins, Yarek Godfrey was born in Poland. Living and working in Paris.
- I'm not quite sure we can talk about painting or music. This is a domain of different senses which words can't describe, that's why I'm using often the colors without names to translate the unknown sounds of my soul. I've named this process:"never-ending story" so if I stop working on the painting that's because someone tells me inside:"that's it" - and I never know why...

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Didier Delamonica, 1950 ~ Mystical Fantasy painter

Delamonica born in Lille, in the north of France. His studies include "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles", commencing with two careers working adjacent during several years, comprising publicite/advertising and painting. He abandoned the the first one. Now, he presents his work in numerous galleries all over France. The works of Delamonica are including a number of private collections in USA and Canada and in Europe.
Didier Delamonica 1950 | French Mystical Fantasy painter
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Alexander Sergeev,1968 ~ Still life painter

Александр Сергеев, Russian painter, has ended architectural institute. Being the student, has taken a great interest in painting and a sculpture. After study seriously was engaged in the fine arts. I paint in oils, a brush, palette knife.My painting bright, pastose, full of light, movement and a musical rhythm. It harmoniously merges with soul of the nature which lessons infinitely valuable and various, I try to comprehend and realise in the creativity. I have music education on a piano class. Member of the Creative Union of professional artists of Moscow.
Александр Сергеев - Alexander Sergeev 1968 | Russian Still life painter
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Daniel F. Gerhartz, 1965 ~ Figurative painter

Daniel F Gerhartz compelling paintings resonate an honesty, integrity and a directness immediately evident to the viewer. The artist's skillful and technically adept work celebrates the created world, human form personal relationships and connection with landscapes and environments of special importance.
The artist’s skillful and technically adept work celebrates the created world, the human form, personal relationships with a connection to landscapes and environments of special importance. Many of his figures are dressed in dramatic clothing which he often invents for its aesthetic appeal and lyrical quality so as to achieve a sense of other worldliness.
Daniel F. Gerhartz 1965 | American Figurative painter
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Claude Sauzet, 1941 ~ Abstract Figurative painter

Born in the South of France, Claude Sauzet, french painter, studied drawing at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts at Nîmes. He moved to Paris for more than twenty years. It is in his studio that he redraws the sketches executed from the original life. On the bases of a strong outline, colours and light take the foremost place. His colors, always warm, ochres mixed with reds and browns, tinted with a hint of green or blue, recall his Mediterranean origins.
Claude Sauzet 1941 | French Figurative painter
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Daniel Densborn, 1946 | Abstract palette Knife painter

Coming from the Lorraine region, French painter Daniel Densborn, has been living in Provence for over 35 years. During his youth, he demonstrated capabilities for drawing and oil painting, two disciplines that he will carry out with assiduity.
Even though he was self-taught, he attended several workshops in order to draw.
After several successful local exhibitions, he won several awards.

Daniel Densborn 1946 | French Abstract Knife painter

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Dmitry Brodetsky, 1976 ~ Surrealist painter

Дмитрий Бродецкий was born in USSR, Chisinau, Moldova.
- Painting and art in general have captivated me since I was a child. It all started as a mere game, but it later became a means of communication. Painting is actually the only communicative channel still available to me today. That's because I am not a social being, in the sense of taking reality as it is and simply complying with the prevailing, mainstream rules.
Dmitry Brodetsky 1976 | Russian Surrealist painter
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Ilene Meyer | Surrealist painter

Ilene Meyer (1940-2009) was a self-taught artist, who was inspired by her mother's drawings as a child. She began showing her surreal oil paintings in Washington and California in the 1970's.
She paints in the Salvador Dalì 1904-1989 and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) style, but with more life and feeling.
She makes her paints come alive with her use of light, color, shadows and "all the details".
Extraordinarily rich and expressively rendered, Ilene Meyer's oil paintings and prints wrap viewers in the mists and myths of creation, exploring fantastical creatures and imaginary landscapes with piercing clarity and passion.

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Robert Auer | Art Nouveau painter | Figures

Robert Auer (Zagreb, 1873-1952)* was an Croatian Secession painter whose style was centred on the Art Nouveau*.
For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Auer see:
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Paul Cézanne: Voglio dipingere la verginità del mondo!

  • Il disegno ed il colore non sono affatto distinti. Man mano che si dipinge, si disegna. Più il colore diventa armonioso, più il disegno si fa preciso.
  • Deriviamo tutti da Pissarro🎨.
  • Di Cézanne c'è n'è uno ogni due secoli!
  • Ho una sensazione lieve, ma non riesco ad esprimerla. Sono come uno incapace di usare la moneta d'oro in suo possesso.
  • Ho voluto legare le linee fuggenti della natura.
  • L'approvazione degli altri è uno stimolante, del quale talvolta è bene diffidare.
  • L'artista deve temere lo spirito da letterato che porta così spesso il pittore ad allontanarsi dalla sua vera strada: lo studio concreto della natura.
Paul Cézanne 1839-1906 | French Post-Impressionist painter

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John Lloyd Strevens | Edwardian Era painter

John Frederic Lloyd Strevens [1902-1990], british painter, was born in London. Although Strevens completed prints, watercolours and drawings, he was mainly a painter in oil with a rich palette, rather in the manner of John Singer Sargent and Philip Wilson Steer.

John Lloyd Strevens 1902-1990 | British Edwardian Era painter

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Aaron Coberly, 1971 ~ Figurative Impressionist painter

Aaron Coberly, american painter, was born in Seattle. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started taking art seriously as a teenager after being invited to attend a life drawing class. Living and traveling in Europe further inspired him. He began oil painting in 1999.
Aaron Coberly 1971 | American Figurative Impressionist painter
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Henri Lebasque | Post-Impressionist painter

Henri Lebasque (25 September 1865 - 7 August 1937) was a French post-impressionist painter.
He was born at Champigné (Maine-et-Loire).
His work is represented in French museums, notably Angers, Geneva (Petit Palais), Lille (Musée des Beaux-Arts), Nantes and Paris (Musée d’Orsay). Lebasque died at Cannet, Alpes Maritimes in 1937.

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Renzo Verdone (1939-2011) | Symbolist painter

Nato a Roma, giovanissimo lascia l'Italia e matura la sua preparazione artistica a stretto contatto con i gruppi sperimentali delle Gewerbeschule di Berna e di Zurigo, dove compie accurati studi di ricerca figurativa, scultura e nudo. Perviene ad un grado di sintesi in cui tensione spirituale e situazione umana si contrappongono dinamicamente in una visione che presenta palpiti di tenera umanità e sensazioni di raffinato ed impietoso verismo.

Renzo Verdone 1939 | Italian Symbolist painter