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Hsu Yin-Cheng / 許英正 | Abstract painter

Hsu Yin-Cheng / 許英正 is an Chinese painter, known for working in the Abstract style. Hsu Yin-Cheng live and work in Kaohsiung City.

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Emil Nolde ~ The Expressionist Flowers

Born to a peasant family, German painter Emil Nolde [1867-1956] carved wood for a living and came late to painting. Though briefly a member of Die Brücke 1906-07, he was essentially a solitary painter. Fervently religious and racked by a sense of sin, he created such works as Dance Around the Golden Calf 1910, in which the figures' erotic frenzy and demonic faces are rendered with deliberately crude draftsmanship and dissonant colors. On an ethnological expedition to the East Indies 1913-14, he was impressed by the power of the art he saw there. Back in Europe, he produced brooding landscapes and colorful flowers. As a printmaker he was noted especially for the stark black-and-white effect of his crudely incised woodcuts.

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Leonard Cohen / Tomasz Rut | Il vero amore non lascia tracce...

Come la nebbia non lascia ferite
Sul verde cupo della collina
Così il mio corpo non lascia ferite
Su di te e non lo farà mai.
Nel buio oltre le finestre
Vanno e vengono i bambini
Come frecce senza bersaglio
Come manette fatte di neve

As the mist leaves no scar
On the dark green hill
So my body leaves no scar
On you and never will
Through windows in the dark
The children come, the children go
Like arrows with no targets
Like shackles made of snow

Tomasz Rut
Tomasz Rut

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Fletcher Sibthorp, 1967 | Figurative painter

British painter🎨 Fletcher Sibthorp has worked as a full-time artist for the past twenty years, producing work in the commercial market, as well as selling paintings to private and corporate collectors.
Rank Xerox, British Telecom, Chase Manhatten Bank, Railtrack and Kirin Brewery are just a few of the companies that own his paintings as part of their collections. Initially, Fletcher was attracted by the concept of movement and its effect on the human form.
This naturally lead to his interest in sport and abstract portrayals of gymnasts and athletes, culminating in an exhibition 'In Motion' in London in 1992.

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Sydney Long ~ Art Nouveau and Symbolist painter

Sydney Long [1871-1955] is Australia's foremost Art Nouveau style painter and a major Symbolist. In works such as The Spirit of the plains 1897, Pan 1898 and Fantasy c 1914, as well as in his many versions of Flamingoes, he created magical images.
Long's Art Nouveau paintings are like reveries, an escape from the everyday; they create a feeling of spiritual elevation, of another reality. And yet, seeking imagery which conveyed the 'lonely and primitive feelings of this country', he captured something of the soul and tone of the Australian bush.
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Zoltan Molnos ~ The Transylvanian Dalí

It is now more than 80 years since the Surrealism, in a smoky Parisian café, was officially born, After long decades of peak and slow agony, when the world was still celebrating its most famous master, Salvador Dali, far from the French and Spanish lands, in a small Transylvanian town, inhabited by hard-working people of Hungarian minority, the surrealism had its second birth on the canvas of a that time unknown young Romanian painter, Zoltán Molnos. It might seem curious that the surrealism, the most spectacular limb of the avant-garde movement, which had its philosophy in protesting against the inhumanity of the “civilised” world, had its renaissance in a city from Romania.
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Leonard Cohen & Michael Parkes ~ Questo è per te...

Michael Parkes
Questo è per te
è il mio intero cuore
è il libro che ti avrei letto
quando fossimo stati vecchi
Adesso sono un'ombra
Sono senza pace come un impero
Tu sei la donna
che mi ha reso libero
Ti ho vista guardare la luna
Non hai esitato
ad amarmi con essa
Ti ho vista onorare gli anemoni
colti tra le rocce
mi hai amato con essi
Sulla sabbia liscia
tra i ciottoli e la spiaggia
mi hai accolto nel cerchio
meglio ancora di come si accoglie un ospite
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Alan Douar | Quando ti chiedi cos'è l'amore...

Quando ti chiedi cos'è l'amore,
immagina due mani ardenti
che si incontrano,
due sguardi perduti l'uno nell'altro,
due cuori che tremano
di fronte all'immensità di un sentimento,
e poche parole
per rendere eterno un istante.

When you ask what love is,
imagine two burning hands encountered,
two eyes lost in each other,
two hearts that tremble faced
with the enormity of a feeling,
and a few words to
make a moment forever.

Dorina Costras
Dorina Costras

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Leonid Afremov (1955-2019) | Romantic Impressionist painter

Leonid Afremov [Леанід Афрэ́маў] was born in city of Vitebsk in 1955.
Amazingly enough Leonid was born in the same town as Marc Chagall, the famous artist who also founded the Vitebsk Art School along with Malevich Kandinsky. tried different techniques during my career, but I especially fell in love with painting with oil and palette-knife. Every artwork is the result of long painting process; every canvas is born during the creative search; every painting is full of my inner world. Each of my paintings brings different moods, colors and emotions.

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Claudia Lucia McKinney ~ Cover artist

American artist Claudia Lucia McKinney is an Digital artist specializing in book covers for best selling authors.
"I've done over 300 covers to date - some of the authors I've done work for you may know -Kami Garcia, Samantha Young, Amanda Hocking, JL Bryan, Maria Rachel Hooley, Aaron Patterson and many more....
I've worked with Publishing Houses such as Random House, Simon & Schuster, Llewellyn, Flux, and others...
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Bertram Bahner, 1959

German photographer Bertram Bahner was born in Germany. He is well known with a pseudonym Kim Anderson, for his work with children. Kim Anderson photography career, now overseen from his home base in a Swiss mountainside village, began the way of many shutter bugs. His early photos focused on fashion and people, as well as photography for advertising agencies.
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Christof Monnin, 1968 | Palette knife painter

French painter Christof Monnin was born in Lyon, France. The self-taught artist exposed his works for the first time in the age of 17 years and immediately won recognition and the main prize.
Being an adherent of a bright palette, he masterfully mixes colors, excellently combining almost incompatible red with the golden yellow.
Even more often working with a palette knife, making lines stiffer, he reaches a certain aggression in the transfer of forms which makes his works even more realistic. Peering into his works, it is possible to see, how a warm southern wind hardly sways flowers on a tree branches.

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Arthur Schopenhauer ed Igor Zenin

  • Ogni giornata è una piccola vita,
    ogni risveglio una piccola nascita,
    ogni nuova mattina è una piccola giovinezza
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La crisi secondo Albert Einstein

"Non pretendiamo che le cose cambino se continuiamo a farle nello stesso modo.
La crisi può essere una vera benedizione per ogni persona e per ogni nazione,
perché è proprio la crisi a portare progresso.
La creatività nasce dall'angoscia, come il giorno nasce dalla notte oscura.
È nella crisi che nasce l'inventiva, le scoperte e le grandi strategie.

Giorgio De Chirico
Giorgio De Chirico

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Phoebe Anna Traquair | Arts and Crafts Movement painter

Inspired and visionary woman of her time, Phoebe Anna Traquair spent eight years of her life creating the herculean works which earned Mansfield Traquair the title of “Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel”.
Her vivid, striking and truly beautiful murals interpret religious scenes, inspired by Blake and Renaissance, and reflect her status as an eminent figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement.
Born in Dublin, Phoebe Anna Moss (1852-1936) married Scots palaeontologist Dr Ramsay Traquair in 1873, and moved to Edinburgh the following year.

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Susan Ryder, 1944

British painter Susan Ryder began painting professionally at an early age. Encouraged by her father, Robert Ryder VC, an enthusiastic amateur painter who imbued his daughter with a similar passion, she entered the prestigious Byam Shaw School of Art. There, her tutor, Bernard Dunstan, introduced her to the work of the post- Impressionist Edouard Vuillard, whose gentle scenes of intimate interiors, domestic spaces and gardens in soft blurred colours proved a significant influence on her painting style and choice of subject for the rest of her career. Sue was only 18, and still a student, when she first exhibited at the Royal Academy. Shortly after, she married Martin Bates and spent the next decade juggling the demands of her career with that of her young family, painting both interiors and portraits.
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Nazim Hikmet e Katarzyna Kurkowska ~ Sei la mia schiavitù..

Sei la mia schiavitù sei la mia libertà
sei la mia carne che brucia
come la nuda carne delle notti d'estate
sei la mia patria
tu, coi riflessi verdi dei tuoi occhi
tu, alta e vittoriosa
sei la mia nostalgia
di saperti inaccessibile
nel momento stesso
in cui ti afferro.
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Nâzım Hikmet | Before the time runs out, my rose | Prima che bruci Parigi..

Irina Karkabi
Irina Karkabi

Before the time runs out, my rose,
before Paris is burned down and destroyed,
before the time runs out, my rose,
and my heart is still on its branch,
I, one night, one of these May nights,
holding you against the wall in Quai Voltaire,
must kiss you on the lips
then turning our faces toward Notre Dame
we must gaze at its rose window
my rose, suddenly you must embrace me,
with fear, surprise and happiness,
sobbing silently,
the stars too must pour
mixed with a drizzling rain.

Finché ancora tempo, mio amore
e prima che bruci Parigi
finché ancora tempo, mio amore
finché il mio cuore è sul suo ramo
vorrei una notte di maggio
una di queste notti
sul lungosenna Voltaire
baciarti sulla bocca
e andando poi a Notre-Dame
contempleremmo il suo rosone
e a un tratto serrandoti a me
di gioia paura stupore
piangeresti silenziosamente
e le stelle piangerebbero
mischiate alla pioggia fine.

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Michael Gorban, 1956

Russian painter Michael Gorban was born in Russia. He studied art for 21 years with the finest of Russian artists and by age 30 his paintings were hanging alongside those of Dali, Kandinsky and Chagall in the prestigious Hermitage museum in Leningrad.
In 1990 Gorban left everything behind and emigrated to Israel. Today he is considered a first-rate Israeli artist, as well as being prominently featured with three of his paintings in the national album of Russian art history as one of the young artists to impact the 20th century between 1960 and 1980.
"Painting is a sensual experience", claims Gorban from his studio near Tel Aviv. "I will not sign my name until I am completely satisfied.... I have never painted under duress or according to order. My success comes from people feeling the same satisfaction that I myself felt upon completing the painting".
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Joe Bowler, 1928

American painter and illustrator Joe Bowler was born in Forest Hills, New York. Joe began to draw when he was three. His first illustration for a national magazine was published by Cosmopolitan when he was nineteen. While working as an apprentice at the prestigious Charles E. Cooper Studios, Inc. he had the opportunity to learn the craft from some of the finest artists in the profession.
Joe Bowler has described himself as a "narrative painter of human form" and it is his understanding of the structure and language of the human body in concert with a natural setting that sets his work apart from other artists, especially the female nudes for which he has become so well known.
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Charles Bukowski & Waldemar J. Marszałek ~ Che cosa diranno i vicini?

I miei genitori erano sempre dietro a
naturalmente non mi importava un fico di
che cosa diranno i vicini.
mi facevano pena i vicini,
codardi che spiavano da dietro le
l'intero quartiere si spiava
e negli anni trenta non c'era molto
da vedere,
eccetto me che tornavo a casa ubriaco
a tarda notte.

"finirai per uccidere tua madre",
diceva mio padre,
"e inoltre che cosa diranno
i vicini?"
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Alexandrina Karadjova | La Dolce Vita

Alexandrina Karadjova [Acrista] is a Bulgarian painter, who, for 10 years, charms the art-lovers with her exquisite, magic and feminine paintings, done in soft pastel - one of the most expressive art materials. Called “The artist of dolce vita” Karadjova impresses the admirers with her poetic vision of the world, her tenderness and color, that she also expresses with two other artistic materials - oil and acrylic. Since November 2010 Alexandrina is a member of the Pastel Guild of Europe.

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L'Abbraccio ~ VideoArt

► Peter Wever, 1950 ~ Embrace
Peter Wever, 1950
"Quanti significati sono celati dietro un abbraccio.. Che cos'è un abbraccio se non comunicare, condividere e infondere qualcosa di sé ad un'altra persona.. Un abbraccio è esprimere la propria esistenza a chi ci sta accanto, qualsiasi cosa accada, nella gioia che nel dolore. Esistono molti tipi di abbracci, ma i più veri ed i più profondi sono quelli che trasmettono i nostri sentimenti.
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Giulietta Capuleti ~ Il balcone a Verona

Juliet statue by Nereo Costantini, Verona
Giulietta: - "Oh! Come entrasti tu qui? Ed a qual fine? I muri che circondano questo giardino sono ardui, e pressoché inaccessibili; ed il luogo in cui stai ti sarà tomba, se alcuno de' miei ti sorprende".
Romeo: - "Coll'ali dell'Amore valicai l'altezza di que' muri, ché barriera non v'ha al prepotente Amore: tutto che Amor può tentare, Amor l'osa; onde a' tuoi non ebbi riguardo allorché qui venni"…

                           William Shakespeare: Giulietta e Romeo, Atto II° scena II°
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John Keats ~ La dolcezza di quel viso

Michael Wilkinson - British sculptor
Michael Wilkinson - British sculptor
               Lo sfavillio del suo sguardo splendente
               E quel seno, terrestre paradiso.

               Mai più felice sarà la vista mia,
               Ché ha perso il visibile ogni sapore:
               Perduto è il piacere della poesia,
               L'ammirazione per il classico nitore.
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Leaf Carving Art

Leaf Carving Art is a relatively new art form China, that will last for generations to come. This art is already exceeding all expectations in popularity. All our leaves are hand carved from an actual Chinar tree leaf which is put through a 60 step process to ensure everlasting quality and durability.
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John Keats | Without you / Senza di te | Lettera d'amore

A Fanny Brawne, 13 ottobre 1819
Mia cara ragazza,
In questo momento mi sono messo a copiare dei bei versi.
Non riesco a proseguire con una certa soddisfazione. Ti devo dunque scrivere una riga o due per vedere se questo mi concede di escluderti dalla mia mente anche per un breve momento. Dentro la mia anima non so a pensare a null'altro.
Tempo fa avevo la forza di ammonirti contro la poco promettente mattina della mia vita.
Il mio amore mi ha reso egoistico.
Bruno Bruni (Gradara, 23 novembre 1935) è un artista, pittore e scultore italiano. Bruno Bruni si fece un nome come disegnatore, litografo, pittore e scultore nel mondo artistico internazionale già negli anni settanta. Nel 1977 ebbe il riconoscimento del Premio Internazionale Senefelder per la litografia. Egli è uno dei più noti artisti moderni italiani in Germania.

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Carlos Oviedo, 1970 | Figurative painter

Carlos Oviedo was born in the town of Puebla, attends workshops in various institutions of paint from an early age, and also takes private lessons with one of Puebla's most renowned teachers, teacher Faustino and his wife Rosa Salazar, then studied graphic design at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla.
Make personal studies in the United States for eight years, where he maintains contact with works of contemporary masters of the world, who motivate and influence the degree to develop his painting technique to an unexpected level.

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Addio a Giuliano Gemma !

Roma, 1 ottobre 2013 - L'attore Giuliano Gemma è morto in seguito a un incidente stradale vicino Roma.
L'attore, coinvolto in un impatto frontale mentre era a bordo della propria auto a Cerveteri, è stato trasportato all'ospedale di Civitavecchia e le sue condizioni sono apparse subito critiche. Gli altri due feriti, più lievi, sono un uomo con suo figlio [Ansa].

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Vincenzo Cardarelli ~ Autunno veneziano/Venetian Autumn

L'alito freddo e umido m'assale
di Venezia autunnale,
Adesso che l'estate,
sudaticcia e sciroccosa,
d'incanto se n'è andata,
una rigida luna settembrina
risplende, piena di funesti presagi,
sulla città d'acque e di pietre
che rivela il suo volto di medusa
contagiosa e malefica.
Thomas Moran - Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice
Thomas Moran - Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice