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Francisco Sanchis Cortés / Stendhal

"La vista di tutto ciò che è estremamente bello, in arte o in natura, richiama con la rapidità del fulmine il ricordo di chi si ama".

Stendhal (1783-1842)*, scrittore Francese° e reporter di viaggio.

Francisco Sanchis Cortés, 1969

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Karen Tarlton ~ Palette-knife painter

American painter Karen Tarlton is an artist from Manhattan Beach, California who have painted whimsical animals and figures, textural florals and scenes from California and around the world for nearly twenty years. Karen Tarlton is specializing in abstract and impressionistic palette-knife paintings, including landscapes and portraits. Karen’s oil paintings express her appreciation of nature with a simple intimacy that conveys a quiet emotion and a gentle strength.

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Eduardo Argüelles, 1938 | Abstract figurative painter

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Argüelles is a painter, cardiologist and university professor.
Eduardo began painting at the age of 48 years, and sustains up to today, his status of self-taught artist.
To achieve higher levels of quality with his drawings, Argüelles adept the classic style, briefly transitioned to symbolist painting, leading to his current phase.
Amazed with exquisiteness and perfection, especially of woman.

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Christina Nguyen, 1977 | Impressionist Cityscape painter

I wake up, get up and walk through the day trying to keep my eyes open.
Sometimes I get obsessed with places and stories and I fall in love with them as if they had a soul which I think they do.
I like to take my walks in the unknown cities without having a map.
And when the twilight comes, everything feels possible and nothing is quite certain.

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Will Cotton, 1965 | Surrealist painter

American painter🎨 William Cotton is an New York based painter, known for his surreal candy landscapes. His primary subjects are candy and women, often in combination. Will Cotton painted landscapes made out of pastries, melting ice cream, candy, and other tantalizing sweets on female models.
He has a professional oven in his studio and makes all of these himself. Then uses them as models for the paintings.
Cotton was born in Melrose, MA, and earned his BFA from the New York Academy of Art. After graduating in the late 1980s, Cotton portrayed pop icons, such as the Nestlé Quick Bunny in his paintings.

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Kim Roberti ~ Lovers

Vietnamese-born American painter Kim Roberti immigrated to the United States in 1966 at the age of 16. Since that time she has lived in many areas of the US and other countries around the world. All the while, Kim had a love for art and longed to paint. In 1999 she gave up another career and began the path to becoming an artist.
In the years since, Kim has enjoyed much success by winning numerous awards in local shows while developing a following of collectors. Kim has studied under many artists, most notably David Leffel and Sheri McGraw in Taos, New Mexico. Aside from her painting, Kim also teaches classes in her studio and gallery in Cottonwood, Texas.

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Francisco Sanchis Cortés, 1969 | Impressionist figurative painter

Francisco Sanchis Cortés - Spanish painter, completed his high school degree Francisco enters to university who he left to dedicate himself to painting.
Cortés defines himself as an impressionist*. He works in the advertising world with only 18 years old. His works are recollections of past pictures.
His watercolours are in private collections in different parts of the world like: Spain, France, England, Germany, Holland and USA.

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Laurie Kaplowitz | Figurative Expressive painter

American painter ▪ Laurie Kaplowitz earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University and her Master of Fine Arts degree from American University. She is a Chancellor Professor in Painting in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.
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La Bocca della Verità / The Mouth of Truth, Roma 1485

La Bocca della Verità | La scultura romana del 1485

Il nome "Bocca della verità" compare nel 1485 per rimanere una delle curiosità romane, venendo frequentemente riprodotta in disegni e stampe. Risale al I secolo e la sua funzione di “smascheratore” di bugie è stata introdotta del Medioevo, si utilizzava per giudicare la colpevolezza o l’innocenza di un imputato, che dopo aver introdotto la mano, se riusciva ad estrarla era innocente, al contrario era giudicato colpevole. Tra le leggende che corrono, c’è quella più accreditata, la quale dice che, in caso di una sentenza negativa, il colpevole rischiava che la Bocca della Verità gli troncasse la mano, infatti dietro il mascherone era nascosta una terza persona che era d’accordo con il giudice.
La Bocca della Verità è un antico mascherone in marmo pavonazzetto, inizialmente situato all'esterno del portico della chiesa di Santa Maria in Cosmedin di Roma e successivamente murato nella parete del pronao con i restauri voluti da papa Urbano VIII Barberini nel 1631.

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Dorothy Spangler ~ Parisienne Walkways

Inspired by the great impressionist masters, Spangler paints enchanting European scenes. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Dorothy Spangler, american painter, has spent most of her life in Northern California, which provides a perfect environment for her love of color and light. After graduating from the College of San Mateo with a major in art, she studied for several years under the distinguished California plein-air painter, William Ward of Los Altos.
Dorothy Spangler | American Plein-air painter | Parisienne  Walkways
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Claude Monet | La Gare St Lazare, Parigi 1877

When he painted The Saint-Lazare Station, Monet had just left Argenteuil to settle in Paris. After several years of painting in the countryside, he turned to urban landscapes. At a time when the critics Duranty and Zola exhorted artists to paint their own times, Monet tried to diversify his sources of inspiration and longed to be considered, like Manet, Degas and Caillebotte, a painter of modern life.

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David FeBland, 1949 ~ Metropolis

British-born American painter David FeBland was born in London, England and has received professional degrees from The University of Virginia and The University of Manchester, UK. A fully self-taught artist, FeBland pursued careers in Landscape Architecture and Communication Design as well as hosting a jazz radio program and bicycling through 44 countries before turning his full-time attention to painting in the mid-1980’s.

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Nicholas Burdykin [Николай Бурдыкин] 1960

Russian painter Николай Бурдыкин, well known as a master of lyrical architectural landscape.
However, in his work, took quite a mythological theme, which is reflected in works of this exhibition.
The myth for centuries nourished the work of artists. Each generation of artists gave their interpretation of the myth.
Not forgotten this issue and in our vain time.
Referring to the mythological theme, Nicholas Burdykin not trying to illustrate it, and focuses all attention on the mythological characters.

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Christian Schloe | Digital Surrealist / Visionary painter

Austrian Visionary painter Christian Schloe works includes digital art, painting, illustration and photography.

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Sampo Kaikkonen, 1975 | Figurative painter

Sampo Kaikkonen, a Finnish figurative painter living and working in Oulu, Finland.
His paintings respect the technique and style of the old masters.
The atmosphere in the paintings is timeless. There are no symbols of specific era and the landscape is universal.
Beside the dominant human figures another strong factor in his works is emotion which mediates through his themes, expressions and colors.