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Augusto Giacometti ~ Abstract painter

Augusto Giacometti is one of the famous Giacometti dynasty of artists from Stampa Village in Val Bregaglia. Alberto Giacometti’s father, Giovanni Giacometti, was a second cousin. Giovanni completed his artist’s training in Munich, while Augusto studied at the College of Applied Arts in Zurich. Nine years his senior, Giovanni returned to Val Bregaglia after completing his studies and worked there for the rest of his life, whereas Augusto pursued a very different artistic career. After spending pivotal years in Paris, he worked in Florence until the First World War and then moved to Zurich. However, his home village played a key role in his art as a motif right into his late years.
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GC Myers, 1959 ~ Stylized Symbolic Landscapes

A self-taught painter GC Myers, is a modern painter of “internal” landscapes, evocative compositions that reflect the synthesis of numerous schools of influence- Eastern philosophy, American Regionalist and Modernist paintings, Abstract-Expressionism, Art Nouveau and on and on. His ability to draw from many and diverse sources results in a world of creation that is truly unique, speaking with a vocabulary that is, at once, both personal and universal. Myers’ use of simplistic design, bold coloration and stylized rendering transforms the natural landscape into one that resonates with human emotions and qualities.
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Mia Bergeron ~ Figurative painter

New York artist Mia Bergeron’s interest in art was cultivated early on, beginning with continuous exposure to visual works through her parents’ graphic design firm in New York City. As a high school student, Mia pursued the arts both at the curricular and extracurricular levels, and in 1998 she was admitted to the Rhode Island School of Design. After a year of intensive foundation courses, she decided to leave RISD to pursue a more traditional painting program.
I was born in New York City to two graphic designers. In 1998, I was admitted into the Rhode Island School of design. After a year of foundation classes, I left RISD to move to Boston, where I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts. In 2002, I moved to Florence, Italy, to study at the Charles Cecil Studio.

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Ted Nuttall ~ Figurative Watercolour painter

A graduate of Colorado Institute of Art, Ted Nuttall is a figurative watercolorist whose painting expression was born out of his observation of people, his experience and travels as an illustrator for the United States Air Force, and a twenty-five year career in graphic design. His work, as a designer, illustrator, and fine artist has won numerous national and regional awards.
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Santeri Salokivi ~ Impressionist painter

Hope Santeri Salokivi (Turku, September 2, 1886 - Helsinki, March 26, 1940) was a Finnish painter and art teacher, known for his Impressionist style of landscapes. Salokivi was also a graphic artist. Studied drawing at the Finnish Art Society school in Turku, in Finland 1900-1904 and then studied in Germany in Munich at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1905-1906 and 1908-1909, as well as various academies in Paris in 1906, 1912, 1924 and 1925.
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Jules Breton | Realist painter

As one of the primary painters of peasant themes in the nineteenth century, and an artist strongly influenced by his own native traditions from northern France, Jules Breton’s* reputation rivaled that of Eugène Delacroix or Jean-Dominique Ingres at the time of his death in 1906.

Since then, after a long period of relative obscurity, Breton has returned to considerable favor; he is now regarded as a primary painter of daily life with an inherent and substantial understanding of the old masters form the Italian renaissance especially Raphael.
The latter artists helped Breton fashion a highly idealist version of peasant beauty. By examining Breton’s background, it will be possible to understand how he evolved as an artist.

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Irene Klestova ~ Still life painter

Irene Klestova/ Ирина Клестова [1908-1989] was born in Saratov-Russia, then the family of the artist moved to Moscow. Here, in the studio of the famous landscape painter Theodore Rerberg, Irene began his artistic education. In 1925 he entered the Academy of Arts in Rome. In the same period, Irina met her future husband, painter Lev Tchistovsky. Largely thanks to him Klestova manage to keep such a rare while crystal clear academic painting. In 1926, the couple settled in Paris in Montparnasse neighborhood with André Breton and Tamara de Lempicka.

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Alberto Giacometti ~ Surrealist/Existentialist/Figure sculptor

Giacometti, Alberto (1901-1966) - Sculptor, painter, draughtsman and printmaker, son of Giovanni Giacometti.

1. Early studies and works, to 1927
He began drawing around 1910-12, followed by painting and sculpting in 1913-15. While at secondary school in Schiers, near Chur (1914-19), he developed his drawing style primarily through portraiture. In 1919-20 in Geneva he studied painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and sculpture at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers but was more impressed by subsequent visits to Italy (1920-21), where he worked without formal instruction. In sculpture he worked in an academic mode, while in painting he emulated his father’s Post-Impressionist and Fauvist style, which he thoroughly mastered by late 1921, as in Self-portrait (Zurich, Ksthaus).
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Fino al 18 Gennaio, Egon Schiele esposto a Londra

Il 30.10.1918, ore 23, moriva Egon Schiele.
Le ultime parole sono state: "La guerra è finita - ed io devo andarmene.
- I miei quadri dovranno essere esposti in tutti i musei del mondo!
- I miei disegni saranno divisi tra voi e i miei amici!
e potranno essere venduti dopo 10 anni"...
Il 31.10.2014, di Nicol Degli Innocenti
Londra - Non ci sono opere di Egon Schiele nei musei britannici e fino ad oggi non c'é mai stata una mostra monografica non commerciale dedicata all'artista austriaco, amato da galleristi e collezionisti privati ma trascurato dalle istituzioni pubbliche.

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Egon Schiele ~ Schizzo per un Autoritratto.. | Le lettere

Il ritratto della pallida ragazza taciturna

Una mia polluzione d’amore, - sì.
Amai tutto.
La ragazza venne, trovai il suo viso,
il suo inconscio, le sue mani da lavoro;
in lei amai tutto.
Ho dovuto raffigurarla,
perché guardava in quel modo e mi era così vicina. -
Ora è lontana. Ora incontro il suo corpo.
  • L'Arte non può essere moderna. L'arte appartiene all'eternità.
  • Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal.
  • Non piango con lacrime e non commemoro col denaro.
  • Del resto gli artisti nuovi creano da soli e per se stessi.
  • Fate in modo di vedere, se ne siete capaci, dentro l'opera d'arte.
  • Io dipingo la luce che emana da tutti i corpi.
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir ~ Le lettere..

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, ca.1910
Italia, autunno 1881.
Alla signora Charpentier,
Dovevo pranzare un mattino con voi, e mi avrebbe fatto infinitamente piacere, perché è già passato tanto tempo. Ma sono diventato improvvisamente viaggiatore e la febbre di vedere Raffaello mi ha preso. Sono dunque sul punto di inghiottire la mia Italia. Ora potrei rispondere apertamente, sì signore io ho visto Raffaello. Ho visto Venezia la bella, ecc. ecc. Ho preso per il Nord, e percorrerò lo stivale tutto intero già che ci sono e quando avrò finito farò la vera festa di venire a pranzo da voi. Allora, nonostante la mia ingratitudine, spero che mi riceverete ugualmente. Un uomo che ha visto i Raffaello. Che pittore eccezionale! Volete che vi racconti quel che ho visto a Venezia. Ecco. Prendete un battello e andate al quai des Orfèvres, o di fronte alle Tuileries, e vedrete Venezia. Per i musei andate al Louvre. Per Veronese andate al Louvre, eccetto Tiepolo, che non conoscevo; ma viene a costare un po' caro.

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Félix Vallotton | Les Nabis Group

Félix Vallotton 1865-1925 was a Franco-Swiss painter of portraits, figures, interiors and landscapes, wood-engraver, lithographer, sculptor and writer. Born in Lausanne. Went to Paris in 1882 and studied at the Académie Julian under J. Lefebvre. Repaired and copied Old Master paintings; admired Holbein, Poussin and Ingres. Concentrated mainly on wood-engraving 1891-7, primarily portraits and scenes from everyday life treated with sardonic humour.

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Albert André ~ Post-Impressionist painter

Benjamin André Albert Marie, the well-known Post-Impressionist artist and painter of 'intimiste' interiors, still lifes and Parisian scenes, was born in Lyon in 1869. André spent his childhood vacations in Laudun where his family owned vineyards. Aged 20 he left for Paris where he studied painting at the Académie Julian. On the same course were Louis Valtat, Maurice Denis and Pierre Bonnard, and like them he began painting in a Post-Impressionist manner, using the colours, light and subject matter of the mainstream Impressionists but adding more expression and design.

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Pauline Gagnon, 1955 ~ Enigmatic eyes

Pauline Gagnon is originally from Quebec Canada, but she has travelled extensively throughout Asia, thus influencing her artistic style. Although she focuses mainly on painting today, she has been very versatile in her interest, studying silkscreen, steel sculpture, jewelry and theater in Montreal; and stone sculpture in Italy. As to her painting, after spending two decades in the nonfigurative style, she has adopted the portrait as the major genre of her work. The artist has had over 40 exhibitions in various international continents.
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Adolph von Menzel ~ Impressionist / Realist History painter

Adolf von Menzel, in full Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel (born December 8, 1815, Breslau, Prussia [now Wrocław, Poland]-died February 9, 1905, Berlin), German painter and printmaker, best known in his own day as a brilliant historical painter, whose patriotic works satisfied the public’s taste, engendered by Prussia’s continual expansion throughout the 19th century, for propagandistic art. In the 20th century he was chiefly esteemed for his sensitive treatment of light and the original compositions of his small genre pictures.
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Francesco Bacchiacca ~ High Renaissance painter

A Florentine painter and draughtsman, Francesco Ubertini, Alias Bachiacca [1494-1557] is chiefly recognized as an artist who helped evolve the style of Mannerism. He is said to have studied with Umbrian painter, Pietro Perugino (1446-1524) and also collaborated with other artists of the time such as Franciabigio (1482-1525) and Pontormo (1494-1557).
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Ivan Shishkin /Ива́н Ши́шкин

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin, (born Jan. 13 [Jan. 25, New Style], 1832, Yelabuga, Vyatka province, Russia-died March 8 [March 20], 1898, St. Petersburg, Russia), one of the most popular landscape painters of Russia. His paintings of wooded landscapes led his contemporaries to call him "tsar of the woods".

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Cayley Robinson ~ Symbolist painter and illustrator

Frederick Cayley Robinson [1862-1927] was a British painter of idyllic scenes and domestic interiors, decorator and illustrator. Born 18 August 1862 at Brentford, Middlesex. Studied at St John's Wood and the R.A. Schools; lived on a yacht painting realistic sea pictures 1888-90; studied at the Académie Julian in Paris 1890-2. The influence of Burne-Jones and Puvis de Chavannes, and that of Fra Angelico after a visit to Florence in 1898, caused him to adopt a more decorative manner.

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Emanuele Cavalli ~ The Roman School

Emanuele Cavalli (1904-1981) was an Italian painter belonging to the modern movement of the Roman School. He was also a renowned photographer, who experimented with new techniques since the 1930s.
Son of Apulian landowners, Cavalli moved to Rome in 1921 and there he became a student of Italian painter Felice Carena, also attending the local art college. In 1926 he exhibited some paintings at the Biennale di Venezia, where he would continue to exhibit regularly.

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Do Fournier, 1951 | Les Nabis reminiscence

French Artist Do Fournier was born in the ancient town of Guerande, Brittany, France.
She began her career as a successful illustrator, and in 1984 changed her focus to the creation of her own paintings.
Her works were so well received, that numerous prestigious exhibitions were mounted in her native France, and she has frequently been invited to exhibit at the Salon d’Automne, Paris.

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Alix Aymé ~ European Perception and Asian Poeticism

Alix Angèle Marguerite Hava [1894-1989], born in Marseille in 1894, studied drawing and music at the Conservatory of Toulouse. A prodigy, gifted in music as well as art, at the age of fifteen she won a gold medal in piano and considered a musical career before becoming a painter. After her graduation from the Conservatory, she moved to Paris where she became a pupil, and then a colleague, of the important Nabi painter Maurice Denis. In 1910 she collaborated with Denis on the decoration of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. Later she worked in the Studios of Sacred Art founded by Maurice Denis and Georges Devallières in 1919.
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The Camposanto Monumentale in Pisa

The Camposanto or Monumental Cemetery in Pisa is a historical edifice at the northern edge of the Cathedral Square in Pisa, Italy."Campo Santo" can be literally translated as "holy field", because it is said to have been built around a shipload of sacred soil from Golgotha, brought back to Pisa from the Fourth Crusade by Ubaldo de' Lanfranchi, archbishop of Pisa in the 12th century. A legend claims that bodies buried in that ground will rot in just 24 hours. The burial ground lies over the ruins of the old baptistery of the church of Santa Reparata, the church that once stood where the cathedral now stands.
The term "monumental" serves to differentiate it from the later-established urban cemetery in Pisa.

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George Romney ~ Portrait painter

George Romney [1734-1802] was the most celebrated Portrait painters of his time, along with Reynolds and Gainsborough.
He was the most fashionable artist of his day, painting many leading society figures - including his artistic muse, Emma Hamilton, mistress of Lord Nelson.
He was born in Dalton-in-Furness in 1734 and after learning his craft of cabinet-making there and in Lancaster, he was apprenticed to the portrait painter Christopher Steele in 1755. In 1757 he broke his apprenticeship and set up on his own in a studio in Kendal.

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Bruno Lucchesi, 1926 ~ Genre/Figurative sculptor

Bruno Lucchesi is an Italian-American sculptor, known for his contemplative female figures and Genre figure groups.
Lucchesi was born in Fibbiano Montanino in Lucca, Italy. He studied at the Art Institute of Lucca, then moved to Florence, Italy, where he became Assistant Professor at Florence University in 1953. In 1958 he moved to New York City, and has since taught there at the National Academy of Design and the New School of Social Research. He continues to teach workshops in the United States and Europe.

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Hans Baluschek ~ The Berlin Secession

Hans Baluschek (1870-1935) was a German painter, graphic artist and writer. Baluschek was a prominent representative of German Critical Realism, and as such he sought to portray the life of the common people with vivid frankness. His paintings centered on the working class of Berlin. He belonged to the Berlin Secession movement, a group of artists interested in modern developments in art. Yet during his lifetime he was most widely known for his fanciful illustrations of the popular children's book Little Peter's Journey to the Moon (German title: Peterchens Mondfahrt). Hans Baluschek after 1920 was an active member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, which at the time still professed a Marxist view of history.
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Francesco Vinea ~ Genre painter

Francesco Vinea (Forlì, August 10, 1845 - Florence, October 22, 1902) was an Italian painter, known for his period costume Genre subjects. He studied first at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, but had to discontinue his studies due to his poverty, and spent some time traveling without home. He worked for a photographer, also as a designer of illustrated magazines, but returned to Florence and studied under professor Enrico Pollastrini, but only for a year.
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