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Vail Oxley | Impressionist painter

Vail Oxley is a Beijing-based artist that creates impressionist style garden scenes.
Oxley prefers a country ambience reminiscent of Monet's Giverny paintings.
The artist's paintings are gentle themes; painted using a clear, bright palette and soft edged visual style.
Vail Oxley's work has become popular around the world.

Born in the countryside near Beijing, China, Oxley was influenced from an early age by the time he spent fishing with his beloved grandfather.
The tranquility of water is a dominant theme in his paintings.
He shows a deep understanding of light, movement, and color in his works, and this has struck a chord in the general public.

Today, Vail Oxley's work is available in many forms. Prints, china, tapestries and many other items have been made bearing reproductions of his work.
His love of flowers, soft light, water, and classic themes, such as country cottages and Greek columns in nature, gives his work a timeless quality that collectors appreciate.

Honored in his home country--Vail Oxley's paintings have won awards at the Beijing Children's Palace and Beijing Art Gallery--he has also achieved great success abroad.
His quiet, understated style is popular with designers, art lovers, and homeowners worldwide.

The variety of colors in his work make it the perfect choice for a decorating a classic-themed home, while the many products made from his designs give homeowners a lot of ways to brighten a space with his work.
Tapestries, collector's plates, throw pillows, prints and many more items make his lovely images accessible to anyone.