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Claude-Marie Dubufe | Portrait painter

Claude-Marie Dubufe, born in Paris, is said to have studied with Jacques-Louis David. Known for his skilled draughtsmanship, especially of portraits but also of genre and historical paintings, Dubufe exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon between 1810 and 1863. His work is held in a number of regional collections in France as well as the Art Institute of Chicago and the National Gallery, London. | © National Portrait Gallery

Plaude-Marie Dubufe (Parigi, 1780 - La Celle-Saint-Cloud, 1864) è stato un pittore Francese.
Fu allievo di Jacques-Louis David; dipinse scene mitologiche, quadri religiosi e ritratti. Le sue opere più famose sono Apollo e Ciparisso, ora al Museo di Avignone, ed il Ritratto del Marchese di Montesquiou, ora a Versailles.