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Juan Jr Ramirez | Realist / Impressionist Portrait painter

Juan Ramirez is a young, self-taught, Mexican – American Chicago born oil painter living in Chicago.

"Self-discipline is not getting yourself to do what you want; it is controlling your fears from stopping you from what you can do" - Juan Jr. Ramirez

"It seems that painting at this moment in life, at this time in history is actually a noble thing. But I am too immature to consciously paint for nobility. But maybe I am a great artist, maybe I will inspire great artists of the future. I will continue to read my days, I will persist, and let today's chapter end".

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Kelly Denato | Pop Surrealism painter

Brooklyn-based artist Kelly Denato works in a variety of industries and mediums. She works professionally in animation, illustration, and design with clients such as Nickelodeon, American Eagle Outfitters, Clinique, InStyle Magazine, and Timex. Denato also regularly exhibits her paintings, drawings, sculptures, and soft sculptures in galleries across the US.

What inspires Denato is the beauty of optimism, and its inherent tragedy, just before disappointment. Her paintings, which are marked by darkness as well as gleeful exuberance, are emotional expressions of this elusive pursuit for meaning and the simultaneity of ill-fated happiness.

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Remembering Arquer Buigas (1932-2012) | Master of impressionist figures

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas (January 11th, 1932-September 13, 2012) was and stands as perhaps one of the most emblematic inheritors of 19th-century Catalan and French Impressionist style (seen in artists such as Ramón Casas and Eduard Degás). With his elegant, restrained color palette and compelling balance between composition and subject choices, Buigas’s output has afforded him the status of a beloved, enduring master.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Buigas see Cayetano De Arquer Buigas, 1932 | Impressionist Figurative painter.

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Meredith Marsone, 1977 | Abstracted Love

Meredith Marsone's (formerly Collins) paintings and drawings explore questions of heritage and identity. At times there is a tension in her works that reference her Pakeha and Māori heritage, ta moko or floral designs delicately adorn faces of her subjects. Heritage as well as the continuity of one's lineage are depicted in Meredith's works which often feature her with her daughters.
Crystal Ardern, curator Waikato Museum, describes Meredith's work as "Striking, captivating, and beautiful paintings - yet hinting at something more, something uneasy even. She has explored intimate, sometimes painful issues through paint and canvas, but she has been able to veil her work enough so that she is not completely exposed".

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Solmaz Tohidlou, 1975 | Abstract portrait painter

Solmaz Tohidloo is an Iranian artist who was born and working in Iran.
Solmaz Tohidloo has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Seyhoun Art Gallery.

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Alan Giana | Nature's Fantasy painter | VideoArt

Alan Giana is an American award winning painter, known for working in the Fantasy style.
His work has won many awards, including the Pro-Comm Award of Excellence by the Business Marketing Association, the Premier Print Award by the Printing Industries of America, and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and works by Alan Giana see Alan Giana | Nature's Fantasy painter.

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Dariusz Żejmo, 1966 | Fantasy /Figurative painter

Dariusz Żejmo is an Polish painter, known for working in the Fantasy Figurative style.
For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Żejmo see Dariusz Żejmo, 1966 | Fantasy /Venice painting.

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Pedro Fausto, 1955 | Abstract Figurative painter

Pedro Fausto Rodriguez Pérez was born in Tijarafe, La Palma.
From 1974-78 studied at the School of Arts and Crafts of S / C de la Palma and the College of Fine Arts S / C de Tenerife.

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Piet van de Hoef, 1949 | Plein air painter

Born in the Netherlands, Piet van de Hoef has been painting for almost all his life. In 2003 he has decided tot quit his job as doctor and to devote his time to painting art.
Painting is an instrument to observe for him. Perception is always the starting point. The image is formed by experience and history. Therefore it is always a personal view.
The perception and its translation to an image is a journey, whether it is a landscape, model, still life or a portrait. He graduated in 2010 from the Classical Academy for Art Painting in Groningen.

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Tong Chin Sye 童振狮, 1939 | Watercolor painter

Singaporean Artist Tong Chin Sye is an avid traveller who sketches and paints on location. He is inspired by architectural and cultural subject matters. Tong’s painting technique is distinctive as his oils and watercolours naturally blend in the beauty of Chinese Calligraphy. Painting the rapidly changing cityscapes and street scenes of Singapore continues to be his passion.
Born in 1939, Tong Chin Sye is a renowned Singaporean multimedia artist and part-time lecturer in Western Art at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.
In 1987, Tong won first prize in the PSA Art Competition held in Singapore.

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Takanori Oguiss 荻須高徳 | Paris painting

Takanori Oguiss (1901-1986), a Japanese Expressionist painter known as "the Parisien born in Japan", was active in the Parisian art world in the early 20th century. He is noted for capturing the alcoves and street corners of the French capital with his characteristic lack of showiness and aesthetic balance, often choosing to forgo the inclusion of human figures.

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Sally Swatland, 1946 | Plein air Figurative painter

Sally Swatland was born in Washington, DC and moved to Greenwich, Connecticut when she was seven. Her father was a successful attorney, which allowed her family to spend long periods in the countryside with many vacations at various seaside locations throughout the United States. She shared a passion with her family for beaches, sunshine, and fresh air. Most summer days were spent at the beach playing in tidal pools, chasing minnows, collecting shells and exploring.

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Maria Giulia Alemanno | Magical Realism / Surrealist painter

And the ORISHAS are like dead thar are not dead. A long chain that rivets the present and the past, linking the souls of today and yesterday, beyond time and space. Africa and America, what it was and it will be, hearth and sky. They are like the ancestors’ spirits, the incarnation of generations, the survival of ties, the alphabet of continuità and memory. Maria Giulia Alemanno, Lellina, like a Malinke griot, lives to tell stories. And she, an Italian, has searched and found them in the deepness of Cuba. Tales of woods and seas, of bushes and trees, but also of men and gods.

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Giampaolo Talani, 1955 | Abstract Symbolism painter and sculptor

Giampaolo Talani was born in San Vincenzo (LI). After attending Art School in Lucca and in Florence he went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence where he met Goffredo Trovarelli as his teacher. Throughout his studies he experimented with all art classical techniques but finally he chose painting, he also devoted himself to the fresco technique in which he is one of the greatest contemporary experts.
In his youth he painted the great cycle of fresco paintings in the church of San Vincenzo, and that was followed by other works: the "Preaching of San Bernardino" in the Episcopal Palace of Massa Marittima, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Frassine.

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Aldo Mazzi, 1937 | Plein air painter

Aldo Mazzi was born in Livorno, Italy where he lives and works without rest in his studio located inside of the historical "Casini di Ardenza".

Mazzi is a self-taught artist who paints since his early youth and who can be appreciated as a part of the "macchiaiola" and "post-macchiaiola" tradition, always strongly related to the live painting, the so-called "En plein air".

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Dino Pelagatti | Post Macchiaioli painter

Dino Pelagatti (1932-2016) nasce a Livorno il 2 Agosto del 1932.
Inizialmente influenzato dallo stile dei pittori Post Macchiaioli, nel corso degli anni ha rinnovato la tecnica delle sue raffigurazioni creando uno stile personalizzato e contemporaneo.
Gli anni della guerra vengono percepiti dal giovane Pelagatti come una difficile esperienza umana perché con la sua famiglia non abbandonò mai Livorno. Nel dopoguerra risultò difficile per Pelagatti rendere mestiere vero e proprio la pittura a causa del forte orientamento popolare verso pittori Macchiaioli e Post Macchiaioli già affermati. 

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Roberto Fontirossi, 1940 | Surrealist /Visionary painter

Roberto Fontirossi is an Italian painter, known for working in the surrealist style. Fontirossi was born in Lucca, Italy, where he lives and works.
1961 - First Solo Show at Galleria S. Salvatore in Lauro, Roma.
1964 - IX Quadriennale di Roma, awarded the Premio per il Bianco e Nero.
His work can be found in many private and public collections.

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Francesco Tammaro, 1939 | Belle Époque painter

Francesco Tammaro was born in Naples in 1939 where he attended the Instituto D'Arte di Napoli, one of the most reputed Fine Art schools in Italy. Shortly after graduation he traveled to France where he lived for a few years.
Tammaro is best know for his characteristic views of Paris, the famous cafes of Paris, interior Bistros as well as his pastoral picnic scenes on the banks of the Seine.
The artist is now also a valued and appreciated teacher of art at the Fine Arts Academy, who has the capacity of awakening in his students the love of a style of art which seems to be disappearing, suffocated by superficiality and abstraction.

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Svetlana Shalygina, 1973 | Abstract Figurative painter

Svetlana Shalygina was born into a poor, humble working class family in Efremov, Russia. She and an older sister were raised in a small, studio apartment 200 miles south of Moscow by parents who worked in a local factory but were very devoted to their children. Svetlana grew up close to nature in wide-open Russian countryside and picturesque valleys which she sketched and painted throughout her childhood. It was here she developed a strong interest in Russian classical art, poetry, music and literature.

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André Hambourg | Romantic Seascape painter

André Hambourg (May 5, 1909 - Dec 4, 1999) was born in Paris in 1909 and received an education at l’École Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs under Paul Nicolausse and at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Hambourg had his first solo exhibition at the young age of 19 at the Galerie Taureau in Paris, and soon after became a staple in the Paris Salons.
In 1933, Hambourg was awarded the Prix de la Villa Abd-el Tif. As a result of this award, he was able to travel to North Africa, where he spent nearly a decade painting in Algeria and Morocco. Throughout his years in North Africa, Hambourg exhibited his paintings in numerous one-man shows.

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Sandra Sedmak Engel | Abstract Figurative painter

A Maryland native, Sandra Sedmak Engel has lived in Baltimore, Md for the last 19 years. She holds a BFA with honors from the University of Maryland, and is very involved in many local arts organizations. Sandra served as the Artist's Representative of the Steering Committee for School 33 Arts Center for several years, and was an intergral part of starting up the Member's Gallery. She is an honorary member of The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, where she also volunteers as a life drawing monitor. She is currently teaching encaustic painting workshops at both art centers, as well as in studio.

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François Boucher | The Four Seasons | The Frick Collection

Source: The Frick Collection, New York | - The son of a painter, François Boucher (1703-1770) was born in Paris and trained first with his father, then briefly with François Lemoine.
In 1723 he won the Academy’s first prize for painting but was denied the sojourn in Rome that normally resulted from the competition. To earn his living the young artist produced reproductive engravings throughout the 1720s, notably after drawings and paintings by Watteau. Returning from a prolonged stay in Rome - where he went on his own - Boucher was accepted into the Academy in 1731, and three years later he was made a full member.

François Boucher - The Four Seasons, Autumn, 1755
Portrait of François Boucher by Gustaf Lundberg, 1741

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Camille Lambert | Post Impressionist painter

Camille-Nicolas Lambert (1876-1963) was born in Arlon, Belgium in 1874. He was a student of the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liége and Anvers.
He won the second place Prix de Rome in 1898, and third place Prix de Rome in 1901 and 1904. Lambert exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris and the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. He was a member of circle Pour l'Art, and he exhibited in 1912 at the 20th Salon.

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Danny Ferland, 1975 | Portrait painter

Danny Ferland was born in Quebec City, Quebec. He was self taught for many years before discovering the magnificence of figurative art during a European trip in 2002. Seeing the historical artworks in countless museums is what made him realize the outmost importance of genuine academic training.

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Rembrandt | The Return of the Prodigal Son, 1668 | Art in Detail

In the Gospel According to Luke (15: 11-32), Christ relates the parable of the Prodigal Son. A son asks his father for his inheritance and leaves the parental home, only to fritter away all his wealth. Arriving at last at sickness and poverty, he returns to his father's house. The old man is blinded by tears as he forgives his son, just as God forgives all those who repent. This whole work is dominated by the idea of the victory of love, goodness and charity. The event is treated as the highest act of human wisdom and spiritual nobility, and it takes place in absolute silence and stillness.

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