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Thomas Kinkade | Memories of Christmas

The look of Christmas, with its trees and garlands and twinkling lights, is of course well known.
But for Thomas Kinkade, the challenge in painting Christmas scenes was capturing the spirit of the holiday - the warmth, the joy, the good fellowship and family feeling.
He loved the contrast of the cold gleam of moonlight on snow with the warm radiance of golden light pouring through the windows of a festively decorated cottage. That golden glow is truly the light of love.
William Thomas Kinkade III (January 19, 1958 - April 6, 2012) was an American painter🎨 of popular realistic, pastoral and idyllic subjects.

He is notable for the mass marketing of his work as printed reproductions and other licensed products via the Thomas Kinkade Company.
He characterized himself as "Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light", a phrase he protected through trademark but which was originally used to describe the English artist J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851)🎨. According to Kinkade's company, one in every twenty American homes owns a copy of one of his paintings.

L'aspetto del Natale, con i suoi alberi, le ghirlande e le luci scintillanti, è ovviamente ben noto.
Ma per Thomas Kinkade (pittore Statunitense🎨, Sacramento, 19 gennaio 1958 - Monte Sereno, 6 aprile 2012), la sfida nella pittura delle scene natalizie è stata catturare lo spirito della festa: il calore, la gioia, la buona comunione e il sentimento familiare.
Amava il contrasto del freddo bagliore della luce lunare sulla neve con il caldo splendore della luce dorata che si riversava dalle finestre del cottage decorato a festa.
Quella luce dorata è davvero la luce dell'amore.