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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Genre painter. Mostra tutti i post
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Hanna Pauli | Genre painter

Hanna Hirsch, later Hanna Pauli (Stockholm, 13 January 1864 - 29 December 1940, Solna), was a Swedish painter; primarily of genre scenes and portraits.
Hanna Hirsch was a daughter of music publisher Abraham Hirsch. She was a friend of Eva Bonnier, and they followed each other through the painting school of August Malmström, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm.

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Wenzel Tornøe | Genre painter

Wenzel Ulrik Tornøe (1844-1907) was a Danish genre painter. Tornøe was the son of birch judge Jens Wenzel Tornøe (1792-1866) and Eleonore Jakobine - born Lacoppidan (1797-1872).
From 1861-65, he studied at the Art Academy and debuted in 1865 at Charlottenborg with Uffe the spages duel. 1865 came his A Poor Woman with her Child and Mignon and Harp Player, and since then he has been among the permanent exhibitors.
In 1871 he traveled to Rome, where he painted a quantity of genre pictures, for which he found many buyers so that he could extend his stay in the South over two years.

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Paul Merwart | Genre painter

Paul Merwart, or Paweł Merwart (25 March 1855, Marianivka, Kherson Governorate, Ukraine - 8 May 1902, Saint-Pierre, Martinique) was a French-Polish illustrator and painter; mostly of portraits and genre scenes, inspired by literature, the Bible and music.
His mother was Polish and his father was a French soldier who was serving in the Crimean War.
He was raised in Lwów, then Poland, now Ukraine.

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Hans Herrmann | Genre painter

Johann Emil Rudolf Herrmann, known as Hans (8 March 1858, Berlin - 21 July 1942, Berlin) was a German landscape and genre painter. He specialized in scenes of the Netherlands.
He studied at the Prussian Academy of Arts with Otto Knille, Karl Gussow and Christian Wilberg.
From 1879-1882, he took classes in landscape painting from Eugen Dücker at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.
Regular study trips took him to France, Italy, and Holland, where he attended the "Art Summer School" of the American-born painter, George Hitchcock.

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William Henry Gore | Genre painter

William Henry Gore RI (1857-1942) was an British painter and watercolourist of the late Victorian period to the early Twentieth Century.
He is known for his rural landscapes of his native Berkshire and for his Genre paintings of children and animals.
Gore was in the tradition of late Victorian Romanticism and Naturalism that flourished in the period before the turn of the Twentieth Century but which quickly became unfashionable in the aftermath of the Great War and the social and political changes that followed.

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Cristiano Banti | Macchiaioli painter

Cristiano Banti (4 January 1824 - 4 December 1904) was an Italian genre and landscape painter. He was a leading figure in the Macchiaioli movement of Tuscany.
Banti was born into a middle class family in Santa Croce sull'Arno. A scholarship enabled him to study at the Accademia di belle arti di Siena with Francesco Nenci.
At this time, he worked in the Neo-Classical style and produced what is perhaps his best-known work, Galileo Facing the Inquisition.
In 1854, he moved to Florence and became an habitué of the Caffè Michelangiolo, an important meeting place for local artists.
It was here that he had his introduction to the Macchiaioli movement.

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Theodor von Hörmann | Impressionist / Genre painter

Theodor von Hörmann (1840-1895) is regarded as the first and only Austrian impressionist painter.
He was born on December 13, 1840 in Imst in Tyrol. He set out to pursue a career as a military officer and taught gymnastics, fencing and freehand drawing in various military schools.
In 1869 Hörmann’s first artistic attempts began with copies of color prints.
He soon turned to painting in oil. In 1872, already 33 years old and totally self-taught, Hörmann began art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Eduard von Lichtenfels.
Among his classmates were the younger students Hugo Darnaut and and Hugo Charlemont. Hörmann gained access to Emil Jakob Schindler, the most important Austrian landscape painter of the period.

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Timoleon Lobrichon | Genre painter

Timoléon Marie Lobrichon (1831-1914) was a French genre scenes and portrait painter.
He received a formal artistic training with François Edouard Picot at the Paris Beaux-Arts Academy.
In 1859, he started exhibiting at the French Artists Salon and was awarded a first class medal in 1868. Lobrichon became one of the most sought after and praised painter for his portraits of children.