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Faiza Maghni, 1964 | Abstract painter

The Self-taught painter born in Oran, Algeria, Faiza Maghni lives and works in Paris.
The painting has long been a desire more or less unconscious and totally obscured that has become natural in the future.
Fascinated by Persian miniatures, Arabic calligraphy, but also by tribal art and contemporary painting, she is inspired in his work and creates his own universe.
Faiza Maghni attempts to translate through his portraits the beauty and complexity of women in his paintings symbolized the richness of costume and expression enigmatic look. His approach in the abstract expression joins the world of his portraits.

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Jean Bailly, 1940

Jean is born in Alger. After an infancy in Orléans, he lives in Paris till 1966.
Since that time, he came back to his childhood area. Set up as a kinesitherapist, he devotes his free time to the painting.
Then he decides to fully dedicate himself to his art and works as a free lance artist.
He participates on a regular basis to the Parish “Salons” and is very often awarded.
He takes part in collective shows in France and abroad (Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Mongolia, Norway, The Netherlands) as well as solo exhibitions.
Bailly’s paintings are in private collections as well as official ones: Wichita museum(Kansas, USA), Orléans Fine Arts museum, Meudon town hall, Albigny sur Saône town hall, Loiret Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Loiret General Council.
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Brahim Achir, 1956 | Surrealismo Visionario

Brahim Achir nasce in Algeria il 21 gennaio 1956.
Nel 1976 consegue in Algeria il diploma di laurea di perito tecnico superiore.
Vinta una borsa di studio, si trasferisce in Italia dove studia presso l’Accademia Navale di Livorno (anno 1977-78) che però lascia per dedicarsi alla pittura ed alla poesia.
Nel 1979 torna a Roma per proseguire la sua ricerca pittorica, esponendo in diverse mostre collettive e personali.

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Hocine Ziani, 1953

Algerian painter Hocine Ziani was born in Algeria, lives and works in France. He is an autodidactartist. Professional painter since 1978-1993 in Algeria, 1994-2009 in France. Founding member of the Central Army Museum, Algiers. Affiliated to the “Maison des Artistes”, Paris. Member of the ADAGP, Paris. Member of the International Fine arts Academy, Quebec.
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Thierry Garnier-Lafond, 1960 | Surrealist / Symbolist painter

Thierry Garnier-Lafond is an Algerian painter.
From 1978-1981: diploma of the College of Decorative arts of Poitiers;
From 1982-1984: graphic designer freelance in region Poitou-Charentes;
From 1984-2009: Painter, graphic designer in the press and the printing office and on Web.
Manage at once his two activities of graphic designer and painter for 25 years. Some of his paintings are present in numerous collections deprived in France, Italy, Slovenia and USA.

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Valerie Depadova

Née en 1965, vit et travaille dans le Gard. Personnages inachevés ou animaux en mutation, le quotidien prend une forme magique sous ces regards étranges qui nous interpellent dans notre plus profonde simplicité comme un retour à l’enfance, un retour vers le geste primitif et plus loin encore vers le vide. La peinture de Valérie Depadova semble nous rappeler que la chaleur peut être au cœur de l’hiver. La couleur est là comme un baume à la tristesse, étrangère au cœur de ces personnages, pris en flagrant délit dans le détail d’une expression quotidienne, naïve simple, mais perplexe. Sa terre natale, le continent africain, semble lui avoir légué la richesse d’une palette aux couleurs chatoyantes, un trait franc et spontané.