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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Chilean Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Christian Schloe | Pop Surrealism painter

Anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty.

Christian Schloe is a talented Chilean artist whose work includes digital art, painting, illustration and photography.
Christian Schloe feature bizarre moments that draw viewers out of a concrete reality and into a dreamy, fictional world.
In his work, the digital artist creates expressive visual stories filled with soft color palettes, elegant birds and butterflies, soft flower petals, and otherworldly, majestic landscapes.

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Claudio Bravo Camus' 83rd Birthday | Hyperrealist painter

Google decided to remember this Friday, November 8, the Chilean painter Claudio Bravo Camus.
This date corresponds to the birthday of the remembered artist, who would turn 83 today. Although he died in 2011, his legacy is still present in the art world.
Claudio Bravo, -Claudio Nelson Bravo Camus- (born Nov. 8, 1936, Valparaíso, Chile - died June 4, 2011, Taroudant, Mor.), initially established himself as a society portrait painter in Chile and Spain, but he became better known for his vibrant still lifes of such everyday items as packages, crumpled paper and draped fabric.

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Pablo Neruda | Ode all'autunno

Modest is the autumn, like the woodcutters.
It's costly to cut all the leaves
off all the trees of all places.
In spring they're sewn on in flight
and now you must let them fall
as if they were little yellow birds:
it isn't easy.
You need time.

Vincent van Gogh🎨 | Autumn Garden, 1888

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Sergio Martínez, 1966 | Figurative painter

Sergio Martinez Cifuentes, dual Chilean-Spanish nationality, born in Santiago, Chile.
As a young man, known for his drawings, which together with its stark poetry and musical compositions, beginning to structure their profile adolescent romantic and existentialist.
It is at this stage where he participated in numerous youth competitions in painting, gaining significant recognition, which helps you understand the true importance of their relationship with plastic.
In its first stage attaches to descriptive realism, showing great control over the forms and content management and elegant color, being its main theme the landscape.

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Pablo Neruda | The Kiss / Il Bacio / El beso

I'll send you a kiss in the wind
and I know you feel,
you turn around without seeing me, but I'll be there
We are made ​​of the same stuff
of which dreams are made ​​of
I would like to be a white cloud
in an endless sky
to follow you everywhere and loving every moment.
If you are a dream, do not wake me
I would live in your breath
while you watch mad about you
Your dreams will be dreaming of me
I love you because you see reflected
in everything that is beautiful
Tell me where are you tonight
in my dreams again?

Pablo Neruda e Brita Seifert | La Poesia

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Pablo Neruda / Lisa G. | Here I Love You / Qui ti amo

Qui ti amo.
Negli oscuri pini si districa il vento.
Brilla la luna sulle acque erranti.
Trascorrono giorni uguali che s'inseguono.

Here I love you.
In the dark pines the wind disentangles itself.
The moon glows like phosphorous on the vagrant waters.
Days, all one kind, go chasing each other.

La nebbia si scioglie in figure danzanti.
Un gabbiano d'argento si stacca dal tramonto.
A volte una vela. Alte, alte, stelle.
O la croce nera di una nave.

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Pablo Neruda / Irjan Moussin ~ L'amore..

Che hai, che abbiamo,
che ci accade?
Ahi il nostro amore é una corda dura
che ci lega ferendoci
e se vogliamo
uscire dalla nostra ferita,
ci stringe un nuovo nodo e ci condanna
a dissanguarci e a bruciarci insieme.

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Pablo Neruda | Chiedo silenzio / I ask for silence / Pido silencio

Ora, lasciatemi tranquillo.
Ora, abituatevi senza di me.
Io chiuderò gli occhi

E voglio solo cinque cose,
cinque radici preferite.

Una è l'amore senza fine.

La seconda è vedere l'autunno.
Non posso vivere senza che le foglie
volino e tornino alla terra.

La terza è il grave inverno,
la pioggia che ho amato, la carezza
del fuoco nel freddo silvestre.

Victor Nizovtsev 1965 - Russian Fantasy painter