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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Chilean Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Pablo Neruda | Il vasaio / Potter

Tutto il tuo corpo ha
coppa o dolcezza destinata a me.

Quando ascendo la mano
trovo in ogni luogo la colomba
che mi cercava, come
se ti avessero, amore, fatta d’argilla
per le mie mani di vasaio.

Tomasz Rut | Intimata

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Claudio Bravo Camus | Hyperrealist painter

Claudio Bravo Camus (November 8, 1936 – June 4, 2011) was a Chilean hyperrealist painter. He was greatly influenced by Renaissance and Baroque artists, as well as Surrealist painters such as Salvador Dalí. He lived and worked in Tangier, Morocco, beginning in 1972. Bravo also lived in Chile, New York and Spain.
He was known mainly for his paintings of still lifes, portraits and packages, but he had also done drawings, lithographs, engraving and figural bronze sculptures.
Claudio Bravo Camus was born in Valparaíso, Chile. In 1945, he joined the Colegio San Ignacio in Santiago, Chile and studied art in the studio of Miguel Venegas Cifuentes in Santiago.

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Alejandro Decinti, 1973

Chilean-Italian painter Alejandro DeCinti is a painter born in Santiago de Chile.
He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Chile. Since 2001 he is based in Spain.
He was awarded with the Scholarship for Academic Excellence in the 1991 admission process to Chilean universities.
First prize in the Arte en Vivo competition in 1994 and the Fundación Arte y Autores Contemporáneos postgraduate scholarship in 2001.

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Chilean Artists

Chilean art refers to all kinds of visual art developed in Chile, or by Chileans, from the arrival of the Spanish conquerors to the modern day. It also includes the native pre-Columbian pictorial expression on modern Chilean territory.

Pre-Columbian art

Ceramics were the greatest artistic contribution of the northern peoples. These examples of Diaguita ceramics show this people's fascination with geometric figures.
Prehistoric painting in Chile, also called pre-Columbian Chilean painting, refers to any type of painting or painting technique used to represent objects or people during the period before the Spanish conquest.
Developed prior to the existence of written sources, study of this period is based on the material remains and vestiges of the cultures that developed.

Mario Irarràzabal | La Mano del Desierto / The Hand of the Desert, 1992

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Carolina Landea, 1960 | Moments

Chilean painter Carolina Landea residing in the small coastal village of Cachagua, Chile, Carolina's paintings are stories of life; capturing moments, landscapes and the people who weave a certain magic through the spaces between.
Born in Santiago de Chile, Carolina spent part of her childhood and teen years in Spain where she began her training in the art world as a student of Jose Luis Azparren, a professor at the San Fernando Academy of Madrid. On her return to Chile, she continued her studies with Reinaldo Villasenor and Edwardo Vilches.

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Pablo Neruda | Per tanto amore la mia vita.. / De tanto amor mi vida..

Per tanto amore la mia vita si tinse di viola
e andai di rotta in rotta come gli uccelli ciechi
fino a raggiungere la tua finestra, amica mia:
tu sentisti un rumore di cuore infranto

e lì dalle tenebre mi sollevai al tuo petto,
senz'essere e senza sapere andai alla torre del frumento,
sorsi per vivere tra le tue mani,
mi sollevai dal mare alla tua gioia.

Leonid Afremov (1955-2019) | Romantic Impressionist painter

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Christian Schloe | Pop Surrealism painter

Anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty.

Christian Schloe is a talented Chilean artist whose work includes digital art, painting, illustration and photography.
Christian Schloe feature bizarre moments that draw viewers out of a concrete reality and into a dreamy, fictional world.
In his work, the digital artist creates expressive visual stories filled with soft color palettes, elegant birds and butterflies, soft flower petals, and otherworldly, majestic landscapes.

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Claudio Bravo Camus' 83rd Birthday | Hyperrealist painter

Google decided to remember this Friday, November 8, the Chilean painter Claudio Bravo Camus.
This date corresponds to the birthday of the remembered artist, who would turn 83 today. Although he died in 2011, his legacy is still present in the art world.
Claudio Bravo, -Claudio Nelson Bravo Camus- (born Nov. 8, 1936, Valparaíso, Chile - died June 4, 2011, Taroudant, Mor.), initially established himself as a society portrait painter in Chile and Spain, but he became better known for his vibrant still lifes of such everyday items as packages, crumpled paper and draped fabric.