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Alexey Shalaev / Алексей Шалаев, 1966 | Cityscape painter

Алексей Шалаев was born in Moscow. He studied automation systems at the Moscow Aviation Institute but infatuation with art in yearly ninetieth’s lead him to A. Skvortsov, a lector of the Moscow Academy of Art and Manufacture -former Stroganov Art School.
The artist works with equal success in different genres, but the favorite theme is the urban landscape.
Recreating the look of old Moscow, Alexey Shalaev relies on knowledge of history and architecture of the city.
Looking at paintings Alexei Shalaev, you find yourself in the past. Familiar from childhood cozy Moscow streets and squares seem, somehow, even lovelier and more beautiful. Warm glow of lanterns, fancy breaks shadows on the pavement, stately buildings and bent tree branches, waiting for the rain… It seems that you hear now the clatter of horses' hoofs and rattle of the first tram - so realistically painted urban landscapes.

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Arunas Rutkus ~ VideoArt

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Jerome Parker

A Central California native, Jerome comes from a family of artists and musicians. A quiet and introspective figure, Jerome is active in galleries in this beautiful region of his home state. Figurative compositions, closely observed from life, comprise many of this artist s rich work in oils and charcoal. Though clearly inspired by the masters, Jerome s intriguing subjects nevertheless capture a certain contemporary view of life in the moment.

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Kelvin Lei

Born in Guangzhou, China, Kelvin Lei’s passion for art and drawing began at a young age. Studying at the renowned Guangzhou Academy of Fine arts, he trained under Yang Zhi Guang, and important figure in Chinese art, as well as Ou Yang, a prestigious oil painter. From their teachings, Kelvin learned the foundation and techniques of portraiture, figure drawing, and oil painting. After his studies, Kelvin moved to Hong Kong and started his art career in the late 1970s.

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Pablo Picasso ~ Gli aforismi

  • Quando uno inizia un ritratto e cerca per successive eliminazioni di trovare la forma pura... si finisce inevitabilmente con un uovo..
  • La pittura non è fatta per decorare gli appartamenti. È uno strumento di guerra offensiva e difensiva contro il nemico.
  • L'arte non è l'applicazione di un canone di bellezza ma ciò che l'istinto e il cervello elabora dietro ogni canone. Quando si ama una donna non si comincia sicuramente a misurarle gli arti.
  • Ci sono pittori che dipingono il sole come una macchia gialla, ma ce ne sono altri che, grazie alla loro arte e intelligenza, trasformano una macchia gialla nel sole.
  • Dipingere non è un'operazione estetica: è una forma di magia intesa a compiere un'opera di mediazione fra questo mondo estraneo ed ostile e noi.
Pablo Picasso 1881–1973 | Gli aforismi
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Faiza Maghni, 1964 | Surrealist /Abstract painter

Faiza Maghni: I was born in Oran, Algeria, and now live in Paris. This eclecticism influences my aesthetics, especially the culture and traditions of my hometown, a rich Mediterranean city reflecting the influences of the many civilizations that have occupied it: Spanish, Jewish, Arab, Andalusian, Ottoman and French. All this has left its mark, whether in architecture, music or the lifestyle in general. In my work I seek to convey a certain kind of romanticism inspired by Arabic and Persian poetry, taking my inspiration from the costumes and hairstyles of the miniatures of the past which I find full of subtlety and restraint. I’m also drawn to the symbolic meanings found in tribal jewelry and have reinvented this style in my paintings, such as the giraffe-collared women in Burma and Africa that are simultaneously a symbol of beauty and a forced cruelty.

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Mary Jane Ansell, 1972

Award winning oil painter specializing in contemporary and figurative portraiture Mary Jane Ansell graduated from Brighton University in 1994 and now works from her studio in the heart of Brighton's North Laine. After only beginning to seriously exhibit her work in 2002, she was selected for both the 2004 BP National Portrait Award and The Daily Mails Not the Turner Prize she was also prize winner in London Arts Art of Love competition held at the Arndale Gallery, Cork Street London. 2004 also saw her supporting the national charitable initiative Big Arts Week spending a week with children, at Stanford Infant School during June encouraging them to explore portraiture for themselves.

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Claudia Cohen

Californian artist Claudia Cohen creates her unique sculptures in ceramic and bronze. By exploring figurative and narrative subjects, her work raises questions about the human condition with impactul form rather than confinement to realism. Claudia's style has been described as comic surrealism, a style that blends objective reality with mythology and flights of fancy. Claudia received her art education at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and then moved to the West Coast and opened her studio in the artist community of Sausalito, CA on the San Francisco Bay. Her magic-surreal style, unique colored patinas and mixture of humor and pathos causes art-lovers worldwiide to seek-out the mysterious-visions that her sculptures evoke. In 2008 Sculptor Claudia Cohen was featured in Turin, Italy at the MIAAO Museum as representative of The School of California Funk Ceramics.

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Oleg Leonov

Oleg Leonov was born in 1959. Graduated at Kazan Art School,1980, at Moscow State Art Institute named of V. Surikov, studio of portraying by prof. Ilya Glazunov. Member of Moscow Union of Artists; Merited Artist of Russia. Since 1988 - steady participant of All-Union, All-Russian and foreign exhibitions. Artist's works are to be hanged: The Museum of Modern Art in Madrid, in Hamburg and The State Museum of writer Nikolai Gogol in Moscow as well as private galleries and art collections in USA, Italy, Spain, Japan. Along with patriotic motives in the portrait gallery of Commander-in-Chiefs as well as famous public persons, Oleg Leonov is subtle portrayer of enchantment of native nature and perpetual charm of feminine beauty.
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Fantasy Art

Del Melchionda

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Leonardo da Vinci | Drawings

Uomo d'ingegno e talento universale del Rinascimento italiano, incarnò in pieno lo spirito della sua epoca, portandolo alle maggiori forme di espressione nei più disparati campi dell'arte e della conoscenza. Leonardo da Vinci fu pittore, disegnatore, scultore, architetto, ingegnere, scenografo, anatomista, letterato, musicista, progettista e inventore. È considerato uno dei più grandi geni dell'umanità.

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Rabindranath Tagore / Pol Ledent

Il fiore si nasconde nell'erba, ma il vento sparge il suo profumo...
Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent

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Rabindranath Tagore / Dorian Florez

Il grande cammina con il piccolo, il mediocre si tiene a distanza...
Dorian Florez
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Rabindranath Tagore /Vladimir Volegov: E' finita la notte..

E' finita la notte.
Spegni la lampada fumante
nell' angolo della stanza.
Sul cielo d' oriente
è fiorita la luce dell' universo:
è un giorno lieto
Sono destinati a conoscersi
tutti coloro che cammineranno
per strade simili.

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Aleksandr Starodubov

I was born in Moscow in 1959. I live in Moscow. I use mixed media in my work: tempera, acrylic. Probably, my genes, for it was a matter of chance. I have been painting professionally since 1988 after the retirement from the Army. Before that I was an amateur artist.

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Andrei Markin, 1976

Andrei Markin was born in the village Andreevka of the Solnechnogorsk region in a family of the artist Victor Markin. In 1991 he finished Zelenograd painting school and entered Moscow Art College \"In the memory of the revolution of 1905", where he was taught by the Honoured artist of Russia Mikhail Kugach. In 1994 Andrei entered the Russian Academy of Art, Sculpture and Architecture, the dean of which is the People's artist of the USSR Ilia Glazunov. In 2000 he graduated from the Russian Academy with honours, his diploma was a portrait of the People's actor of the USSR Victor F. Stepanov.

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Guine Gerard, 1947 | Abstract Figurative painter

Un bien bel artiste, Gérard GUINÉ, dans ce genre délicat représenté par la femme en séduction et en mystère. Son réalisme n'est jamais inanimé malgré les poses de ses modèles, tant il sait les diversifier avec de subtiles évocations, redoublant le personnage en lui insufflant sortilège et grâce. La technique est remarquable et la lumière glisse avec une tendre efficacité sur la peau de biens jolies personnes tandis que de somptueux tissus et décors s'en donnent à coeur joie au sein de compositions attentives. Du métier, de la sensisibilité, de l'imagination et une perception magique de la beauté font de Gérard GUINÉ un maître en la matière. | André RUELLAN, critique d'art

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Ivailo Petrov, 1965 | Abstract Expressionist painter

Bulgarian artist Ivailo Petrov /Ивайло Петров was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.
In 1984 graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Sofia, and from 1990-1995 he studied at the Bulgarian University of Fine Arts. Since 1996 has taught at the University of Architecture.
The first solo exhibition was held in 1994 then numerous exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, USA, Czech Republic.

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Raff Boyadjian, 1948

Armenian painter Raff Boyadjian grew up in Gyumri, one of the country's cultural centers. As a youngster, his first impressions of life swelled in him as he absorbed the spirit of the people, their happiness and joy, the depth of their traditions, and the pride of their heritage. These impressions continue to spring forth from him and are continually translated onto his canvas. Boyadjian studied fine art at several schools, including the prestigious University of Fine Arts and Theater. It was there that he mastered the art of painting and produced works that have been kept to this day by the school as examples of excellence for student reference. Boyadjian's diplomate work, entitled "Circus", received widespread critical acclaim, and the work was subsequently exhibited in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and other major Russian cities.
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Djordje Prudnikov (1939-2017) Figurative painter | VideoArt

Russo-Serbian painter Đorđe Prudnikov / Ђорђе Прудников / Djordje Prudnikov (1939-2017) was one of the most original contemporary artists to emerge from the former Yugoslavia.
Prudnikov was born in Užice, Serbia, the 19th of April 1939.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and works by Prudnikov see:

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Tristan Elwell | Fantasy Illustrator

American painter and illustrator Tristan Elwell was born and raised in New York City, where he graduated from the High School of Music and Art. He attended the School of Visual Arts on a full scholarship, graduating in 1990 at the top of his class. While at SVA he also worked as a painting assistant to noted photorealist Charles Bell. After college, Tristan quickly established his career as an illustrator, and in 1994 he joined the staff at SVA, where he teaches illustration and painting.
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