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Michele Del Campo, 1976 ~ Figurative painter

Italian painter Michele Del Campo was born in 1976 in San Nicandro Garganico, a small town in rural South Italy. When he was 18 he moved to Milan (Italy), then he went to study in Dundee (UK), afterwards in Madrid (Spain) and finally in 2008 he moved to London (UK), where he now lives and works.  Lately he is spending part of the year in Valencia (Spain), where he has another studio. He has a degree in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense of Madrid (Spain, 2007) and a degree in Illustration and Printmaking from University of Dundee (UK, 2001). Del Campo has had solo exhibitions  in Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland and Peru, and group exhibitions around Europe, US and Asia, and has won many Art prizes, among which the € 35.000 Premio BMW in 2006, given by Queen Sofía of Spain.

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George Dunlop Leslie ~ Genre painter

George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921) was an British Genre painter, author and illustrator.
Leslie was born into an artistic family, his father was the notable genre painter Charles Robert Leslie RA, and his uncle Robert Leslie was a marine artist. He studied art first at Cary's Art Academy, then from 1854 at the Royal Academy. His first exhibition at the Academy was in 1859 and he showed his work every year thereafter. He became an Associate (ARA) in 1868 and a full Royal Academician (RA) in 1876.
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Ludwig Gschossmann ~ Abstract Impressionism painter

German painter Ludwig Gschossmann [1894-1988] lived his life in a remote lake area in Germany by the name of Tegernsee. There have been no records of Gschossmann’s birth in the Munich archives in Germany. Some historians believe that Gschossmann was born as early as 1894. Other dates of birth in research books range from 1901-1913 and 1914.

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Leonardo da Vinci ~ Differenza infra poesia e pittura

  Trattato della Pittura - Parte prima /18
La pittura immediate ti si rappresenta con quella dimostrazione per la quale il suo fattore l'ha generata, e dà quel piacere al senso massimo, qual dare possa alcuna cosa creata dalla natura. Ed in questo caso il poeta, che manda le medesime cose al comun senso per la via dell'udito, minor senso, non dà all'occhio altro piacere che se uno sentisse raccontare una cosa. Or vedi che differenza è dall'udir raccontare una cosa che dia piacere all'occhio con lunghezza di tempo, o vederla con quella prestezza che si vedono le cose naturali. Ed ancorché le cose de' poeti sieno con lungo intervallo di tempo lette, spesse sono le volte che le non sono intese, e bisogna farvi sopra diversi comenti, ne' quali rarissime volte tali comentatori intendono qual fosse la mente del poeta; e molte volte i lettori non leggono se non piccola parte delle loro opere per disagio di tempo. Ma l'opera del pittore immediate è compresa da' suoi risguardatori.

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Barbara Jaskiewicz, 1957 ~ Impressionist Palette Knife painter

Polish painter Barbara Jaskiewicz was born in Wroclaw, the city in which she still lives today. She graduated from the Wroclaw University of Technology with a BA in Architecture. She paints in oils and watercolor and she also draws. Her subject matter is wide ranging, beginning with landscapes inspired by the noble sceneries found in the south of France, wild Alpine meadows or the picturesque valleys of the Tatra Mountains. Gardens and park promenades scattered within the trees of ancient forests, landscapes of Silesian lowlands and of Lubelszczyzna (situated in SE-Poland) appear to an equal degree.

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Telemaco Signorini ~ Macchiaioli Art Movement

Telemaco Signorini [August 18, 1835 - February 1, 1901] was an Italian artist who belonged to the group known as the Macchiaioli.
He was born in the Santa Croce quarter of Florence, and showed an early inclination toward the study of literature, but with the encouragement of his father, Giovanni Signorini, a court painter for the Grand Duke of Tuscany, he decided instead to study painting. In 1852 he enrolled at the Florentine Academy, and by 1854 he was painting landscapes En Plein air. The following year he exhibited for the first time, showing paintings inspired by the works of Walter Scott and Machiavelli at the Florentine Promotrice.

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Giorgio Kienerk ~ Post Impressionist/Symbolist painter

Italian painter and sculptor Giorgio Kienerk [Firenze 1869 - Fauglia/Pisa 1948] born to an old Tuscan family. Kienerk began to study drawing and sculpture with the master Adriano Cecioni. At the age of only 17, he had the opportunity to show his works at the Florentine Promotrice show for new talent. When his teacher Cecioni died unexpectedly in 1886, Kienerk worked with Telemaco Signorini, who pushed him to master painting as well. At the end of the '80s, he was a regular patron at Volturno, a small restaurant in Florence, where he got to know Silvestro Lega. Together they painted several rooms in the restaurant.

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Surrealist Artists ~ Sitemap

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Kerdalo, 1962 ~ Urban street scene

French painter Kerdalo was born in 1962 in Chamalières. His paintings catch the light and dazzle at first sight as do the town of Paris from which he draws his inspiration. His works often recall the sweet memories of childhood, when time seems to stop. After his studies at the school of Applied Arts and a short passage in the world of Comic strip, he took back his brushes and studied with great interest the Impressionist Masters and so managed to create his own style. Kerdalo knows how to use the slightest lighting and the smallest ray on the street to sublimate the town and to create a serene and calm atmosphere special of Paris.

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Silvestro Lega ~ Macchiaioli Art Movement

Italian painter Silvestro Lega (1826-1895) was one of the leading artists of the Macchiaioli and was also involved with the Mazzini movement.
Lega was born in Modigliana, near Forlì, to an affluent family. From 1838 he attended the Piarist College, where his skill at drawing became evident. From 1843-1847 he attended the Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, studying drawing under Benedetto Servolini (1805-79) and Tommaso Gazzarini (1790-1853), then studying painting, briefly, under Giuseppe Bezzuoli. During 1847 he attended Luigi Mussini’s school, where the teaching emphasized the 15th-century Florentine principles of drawing and orderly construction. Then and for some years afterwards he continued to attend the Scuola del Nudo of the Accademia.

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Jeanie Tomanek, 1949 ~ Allegorical/Narrative painter

American painter Jeanie Tomanek inspired by literature, folktales and Myths, she portrays tall, snow white, bald women in dreamlike settings. A couple of years ago, Jeany left the corporate life behind to follow her passion and fully focus on her artwork. As she explains, painting helps her to develop her inner voice: “I paint to explore the significance of ideas, memories, events, feelings, dreams and images that seem to demand my closer attention”.

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Frits Thaulow ~ Skagen painter

Frits Thaulow (1847-1906) was a Norwegian Impressionist painter*, best known for his naturalistic depictions of landscape.
Johan Frederik Thaulow was born in Christiania, the son of the wealthy chemist, Harald Conrad Thaulow (1815-1881) and Nicoline "Nina" Louise Munch (1821-1894). Thaulow was educated at the Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 1870-72, and from 1873-75 he studied with Hans Gude at the Baden School of Art in Karlsruhe.
Thaulow was one of the earliest artists to paint in Skagen in the north of Jutland, soon to become famous for its Skagen painters. He arrived there in 1879 with his friend Christian Krohg who persuaded him to spend the summer and autumn there. They arrived from Norway in Thaulow's little boat. Thaulow, who had specialized in marine painting turned to Skagen's favourite subjects, the fishermen and the boats on the shore.
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Mark Shasha, 1961 ~ Plein Air painter

Mark Shasha is an Award-winning American artist. He is also an award-winning author and illustrator, an award-winning educator, an actor and a songwriter. His paintings, drawings and prints are found in public and private collections around the world and have appeared in museums and galleries for more than three decades. His children's books appear regularly on bestseller lists and have been read by millions worldwide.

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Frank Horvat, 1928 ~ Pioneer of digital photography

"In almost 70 years of photography, I had the time to photograph many different subjects, with at least a dozen different techniques. But that’s almost beside the point. The point is that I had the time to play many different games" - Frank Horvat
In 2008, Frank Horvat receives the award of La Fondazione del Centenario, in Lugano (Switzerland), for his contribution to European culture.
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Retro Postcards / Wolfgang von Goethe | Io penso a te..

Io penso a te.. - Wolfgang von Goethe
Io penso a te quando dal seno del mare
il sole sorge e i suoi raggi dardeggia;
io penso a te quando al chiarore lunare
l'onda serena biancheggia.
Io penso a te quando sale la polvere
lungo il lontano sentiero,
e nella notte oscura, quando al passeggero
sul ponte il cuore balza di paura.
I think of you when sunlight on the ocean
Glimmers at noon;
I think of you when shimmers in the river
Mirror the moon.
I see you in the rise of dust that covers
The distant ridge,
In each deep midnight where the wanderer quivers
On the high bridge.

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Igli Jorgo, 1965 ~ Abstract painter

Igli Jorgo is a modern artist who paints classically in spirit, modern in creation developing a new relation of forms and space. He gathers an abundance of figure elements from classical images and transcribes them with a descriptive efficacy, which is uncommon to all.
Albanian painter Igli Jorgo was born in Tirana, Albania.
- 1985: Graduate, School of Art in Tirana, with Professor N.Bakalli.
- 1989: Degree in Painting and Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana.
- 2008: Recognition of Degrees as equivalent with the ASFA Athens.
His works are in the National Gallery of Albania and in private collections in: - Greece and abroad.
Lives and works in Athens since 1991.

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Alberto Pancorbo, 1956 ~ Fantastic Realism painter

Born in the city of Soria (Spain) Pancorbo begins to paint from a very early age in his native city. At the age of 18 he transferred to the city of Barcelona with the ultimate goal to dedicate himself only to painting. In 1980 he became an exclusive artist of Sala Gaudi (Barcelona), which exposed his paintings for the first time in the international fair of art of Basiela (Swiss). He began a period of exhibitions in different cities of Spain and overseas. In many of these exhibitions he obtained numerous Awards in various art contests. In 1985 he holds his first exhibition in Madrid and is awarded the "Artist revelation of the year" by the magazine Correo Del Arte de Madrid. The first publication detailing the paintings of Pancorbo is published in Barcelona in 1986 and afterward he moves to his new residence in Bogotá (Colombia) where he holds numerous exhibitions.

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Angelo Morbelli ~ Italian Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism style

Angelo Morbelli [1853-1919] was an Italian painter of the Divisionist style.
A grant from the City Council of Alessandria enabled Morbelli to enrol at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, in 1867. He was awarded the Fumagalli Prize at the Brera exhibition of 1883 for Last Days (Milan, Galleria d’Arte Moderna) as well as a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889. The work inaugurated a series of paintings on the Pio Albergo Trivulzio home for the aged, which was accompanied by others addressing social themes. He took part in the 1st Brera Triennale in 1891 with work of a Divisionist character. The Divisionist technique of separate colours was also employed in socially committed works subsequently shown at the exhibitions in Milan, Venice and Rome and the intense landscapes that followed them towards the second decade of the new century.
by Norman, Geraldine - Nineteenth Century Painters and Painting: a Dictionary. University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles.
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Mark Kostabi, 1960 ~ Pop Symbolism painter

Painter and Composer Mark Kostabi was born in Los Angeles to Estonian immigrants. Raised in Whittier, California, he studied drawing and painting at California State University, Fullerton. Kostabi moved to New York in 1982, and by 1984, emerged as a leading figure in the East Village art scene where he cultivated a provocative media persona by publishing self-interviews reflecting on the commodification of contemporary art. By 1987, his work was widely exhibited in New York galleries as well as prominently throughout the United States, Japan, Germany and Australia. He inspired extensive international press coverage in 1988 when he founded Kostabi World, his Manhattan art studio, which employs numerous painting assistants and idea people. Beginning in the early 1990s Kostabi's work has been widely exhibited throughout Italy. Kostabi established a second home in Rome in 1996. Dividing his time between Rome and New York enabled him to dramatically enhance his presence in the Italian art scene.
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Adam Licsko ~ Remember yourself

California artist Adam Licsko has been painting professionally since 2001. Within the first five years of his professional debut, his unique minimalist style attracted an international following and critical acclaim. He has collections with Nissan, Amgen Cancer Research Institute, Seagate Technologies, Raytheon, Loyola Marymount University, Cisco Systems and State Farm, to name just a few, as well as numerous celebrity collectors. Paintings he has donated have raised funds for charities, including Make A Wish Foundation-Miami, Central Coast Wine Classic, and The Ventana Wildlife Society [for the California condor] and Greenspace.

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Thomas Edwin Mostyn ~ Landscape/Genre painter

British painter Thomas Edwin Mostyn[1864-1930] was born in Liverpool. Raised in Manchester, he studied at the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. Tom Mostyns work was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1891 as well as being shown extensively abroad. Mostyn lived in London and later in Torquay, where he died on 22nd August 1930. Mostyn is generally known for his scenes depiciting a bold romantisicm based on victorian garden scenes and was strongly influenced by his mentor Sir Hubert Von Herkomer.
Mostyn's paintings are inspirational, his right to be recognised worldwide as a top class artist is purely a matter of time.
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Catlin Harrison ~ Abstract artist

A Londoner by birth and inclination, the city provides for me a fresh daily helping of eclectic people to watch and wonder about.
'I'm endlessly fascinated with the human form, especially meta-figures like ghosts or dolls or archetypes. Sometimes I think my work stems from a collectors' sensibility - particularly those Victorian do-gooders who pinned butterflies or measured skulls. Each piece of work is an independent specimen, a set of examples of a particular type.
Presence, oddity, beauty and humour are important elements in all my work, as is colour and aesthetics

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Cecilia Paredes, 1950 ~ Body painter

Cecilia Paredes was born in Lima, Peru and currently lives and works between Philadelphia, PA US and Lima, Peru. Cecilia builds objects mainly using discarded natural elements and with her work, re creates another language. She also does performances using make up, body painting or any other resource to create her anthropomorphic images, transforming herself into animals, plants or landscapes. These acts are registered on photography, creating her photoperformances.
She studied at the Catholic University Art School in Lima, at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts School in England and at the Scuola del Nudo in Rome, Italy. Cecilia is a Rockefeller Fellow since 1998.

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Daniel Ridgway Knight ~ Genre/Figurative painter

Daniel Ridgway Knight’s works represent so many aspects of Ninetee­nth Century painting, in­cluding history, genre, landscape, portrait and floral themes. In each work, all that is aesthetic is recorded with fine detail and skill.In order to faithfully record the scenery, night studied the different phases of the day and their effects on the environ­ment. Knight built a glass studio outside of his home, enabl­ing him to paint outdoors, even in the dead of winter. Whether he was concen­trating on the evening with the glow of moon­light upon the Seine River or on a young woman in a brightly colored flower garden at midday, each scene is depicted with great detail and with specific attention to a realistic portrayal of the landscape.

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Paul Gustave Fischer | Cityscape | Figurative painter

Paul Fischer belongs to the fourth generation of Fischers to live in Denmark. This Jewish family originally came from Poland.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Fischer see:
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Burton Silverman, 1928 ~ Figurative painter

A renowned portraitist and radical Realist, Burton Silverman has remained true to his own style despite his being surrounded by Abstract Expressionism and the contemporary art movement in his native New York City. Silverman studied at the Art Students League, Columbia University, and Pratt Institute of Art in New York, and later taught at the Art Students League. His paintings may be found in public and private collections across America.
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Peter Yesis ~ Still life painter

Peter Yesis is a native of New Jersey and works from his home in Searsport, Maine. He renders paintings in a softened, realistic style that leaves space for thought and reflection. Whether he is painting a still-life, a figurative or a landscape, his goal is to draw the viewer into the work and to share his vision of the underlying beauty of everyday life.
Peter's paintings have been purchased by artists and collectors across the world and have been juried into exhibitions by the International Guild of Realism, Salon International, Oil Painters of America, American Plains Artists and C.M Russell Auction. He is presently represented by The Gallery at Somes Sound in Somesville, Maine and Camden Falls Gallery in Camden, Maine. Peter is a member of the International Guild of Realism, Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society and Plein Air Painters of Maine.
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